Available BeWare


Download Version Key:
    P      PowerPC architecture
    I      Intel architecture

Name                   Download         Short Description
104 Keyboard fix     R3 P/I  R4 P   Map Right Control key *back* to Right Control!
191colors                    R4   I Color picker
2D-Demo                             2D Physics Test Program
3c509                R3   I  R4   I Driver for 3com 509 Ethernet cards
3c509b w/ Setup              R4   I A new 3c509 driver with net_server add-on!
3D Starchart         R3 P/I  R4 P/I Renders a 3D atlas of all stars withing 25 parsecs
8Dock                        R4 P/I BeOS DR8-like dock
8hz mp3 encoder              R4   I A compiled version of 8hz with Marco's patches
Aardwolf                     R4 P/I Commandline app launcher
Abacus               R3 P    R4 P   Spreadsheet program
abiSoftButtons       R3 P    R4 P   Fully featured buttons -- images, colors, sounds
Abuse 2.0            R3 P/I  R4 P/I Abuse 2.03 for BeOS R3.2
acquire              R3 P    R4 P   acquire a semaphore from the command-line
ACSLogo              R3 P    R4 P   Logo Language Interpreter
Adam                 R3 P    R4 P   Fully featured email solution
Addon Watchdog       R3   I  R4   I Extension/Add-on Manager for the BeOS and Appl'ns
AdMail                       R4   I E-Mail Utility for multiple Accounts
AEdit                R3 P    R4 P   An audio editor.
AI Tic Tac Toe       R3   I         AI programmed to never lose, with commented source
Alive!               R3   I         Internet keep-alive utility
Alliance ProMotion Display Driver  R3   I  R4   I Alliance ProMotion Display Driver
allPossibleImages    R3 P/I  R4 P/I allPossibleImages - an installation for the BeOS
Amachi                       R4 P/I an Open Source add-ons based 3d objects viewer
Amachi-3d2           R3 P/I  R4 P   CAD 3D2 add-ons for Amachi
Amachi-3ds           R3 P/I  R4 P   Autodesk 3DS add-ons for Amachi
Amachi-aoff          R3 P/I  R4 P   AOFF add-ons for Amachi
Amachi-cob           R3 P/I  R4 P   a COB add-ons for Amachi
Amachi-dxf           R3 P/I  R4 P   AutoCAD DXF add-ons for Amachi
Amachi-iob           R3 P/I  R4 P   an IOB add-ons for Amachi
Amachi-lwob          R3 P/I  R4 P   an IOB add-ons for Amachi
Amachi-lwob          R3 P/I  R4 P   an IOB add-ons for Amachi
Amachi-nff           R3 P/I  R4 P   an NFF add-ons for Amachi
Amachi-nffwtk        R3 P/I  R4 P   a NFFWTK add-on for Amachi
Amachi-obj           R3 P/I  R4 P   OBJ add-ons for Amachi
Amachi-ply           R3 P/I  R4 P   an PLY add-ons for Amachi
american_thighs      R3 P/I  R4 P/I american_thighs makes noise.
AmigaIconHandler     R3 P    R4 P   A datatype for Amiga .info (icon) files. 
amp for BeOS         R3 P/I  R4 P   Official amp BeOS port (command line only)
Amylaar LPMud        R3 P    R4 P   Amylaar LPMud Gamedriver
analog                       R4   I Port of popular webserver log analyzer, Analog
AnalogPulse          R3 P    R4 P   CPU load analyzer with analog gauge
ANewsWire            R3 P/I  R4 P   Fetches news summaries from Yahoo!
Angband                      R4   I classic terminal adventure game
Animadia             R3 P    R4 P   An animation creating program
Anime                        R4   I An Animated GIF Creator
ap2inf               R3 P    R4 P   Quick port of ap2inf for BeOS
APlayer                      R4 P/I A multi-format module player
APlayer developer kit          R4 P/I APlayer developer kit
AppChooser           R3 P    R4 P   a Tracker add-on to choose an app
AppSwitcher          R3 P    R4 P   little server to provide ALT-TAB process switching
AppSwitcher          R3 P/I  R4 P   AppSwitcher for BeOS Intel R3 release
ar (POSIX)           R3 P/I  R4 P   create and modify PowerPC Metrowerks libraries
ArpCommon                    R4 P/I GUI layout and other class library
Arpeggiation         R3 P    R4 P   MIDI arpeggiator
ArpTelnet            R3 P/I  R4 P/I GUI TELNET and local shell with add-on emulations
ArtPaint             R3 P/I  R4 P/I Painting and image processing program.
ascii                R3 P/I  R4 P   Convert text files between Be(unix), Mac and DOS
ASCII-Drag           R3 P    R4 P   Displays the ASCII-Characters
AT25/AT3DDisplayDriver  R3   I         Alliance ProMotion Display Driver
ATI Graphics Card Drivers  R3 P    R4 P   Drivers for ATI 3DRage-chipset graphics cards
Atoms                R3   I  R4   I A game for up to 7 players
Attraction           R3 P    R4 P/I Particle System Gimmik (must have!)
Attraction           R3 P/I  R4 P   Funky gravity-simulator screen saver
Attribute Cut/Copy/Paste          R4 P/I Attribute Cut/Copy/Paste, Tracker add-on
Attribute Viewer     R3 P    R4 P   a tracker add-on to view BeOS file attributes
AttributeBrowser     R3 P    R4 P   Allows user to view attributes of files/directories
Audio Browser                R4   I Audio Browser, Audio & Midi file player & browser
Audio Elements       R3 P    R4 P   Object-oriented signal processing framework
AudioMeter           R3 P    R4 P   Replicatable audio level meter
AudioMeter2          R3 P    R4 P   Another Audio Meter
AutoFolder Launcher          R4 P/I Startup, Shutdown, and soon timed folder launching
aVa                  R3 P/I  R4 P   another Viewer again
Axia                 R3 P/I  R4 P/I Space ship shoot-em-up action game

B-Twin               R3 P    R4 P   Simple Full Text Search
BackLight                    R4   I BackLight Relativistic Raytracer
BackOnTrack                  R4 P/I Handy Tracker and Deskbar Relauncher
Balls                R3 P    R4 P   Balls bouncing in a window
BamBam               R3 P/I  R4 P/I Audio recorder and editor
BarberPole           R3 P/I  R4 P/I The spinning Barber Pole
BartLauncher                 R4 P/I App launcher that guesses filenames as you type
bash                 R3 P/I  R4 P   Bourne Again Shell
Basilisk II                  R4 P/I Free, portable 68k Mac emulator
Battalion            R3 P/I  R4 P   Monsters, explosions, destruction.
BatteryView                  R4   I battery status monitor
Baxter                       R4 P/I A new IRC client with many innovative features
BBC Ticker           R3   I         Port of BBC Ticker
BD4                          R4   I Wil's classic BoulderDash game.
BDH                                 64bit programmer's calculator
BDocument            R3 P    R4 P   allow you to create multiple views of a document
be_asteroids         R3 P    R4 P   Asteroids clone 
Be_CLUT              R3 P    R4 P   CLUT (palette) for use with Mac imaging software
Be Installed         R3 P    R4 P   Installer/Uninstaller with electronic registration
Be na Life                   R4   I Game of Life with a few customizable options.
Be Portable Library          R4 P/I Multiplatform library with threads, sockets & more
Be VGB PR            R3 P    R4 P   Gameboy emulator
be-sfx               R3 P/I  R4 P   Easy-to-use Sound Effects Playing Classes
BeAIM                        R4 P/I AOL Instant Messenger client
BeAmp                R3 P    R4 P   MP3 Player based on amp
BeApi Fetch                  R4 P/I An Add-on for the BeIDE to easily get API 'help'.
BeatWare Mail-It             R4 P/I Powerful Email Application
BeB                          R4 P/I BeB is a backup program for the BeOS
BeBeeb               R3   I         A BBC Micro emulator
BeBitesDog           R3 P    R4 P   E-mail converter from Cyberdog to Be
bebits               R3 P    R4 P   A bunch of useful C++ classes
BeBlurb              R3 P    R4 P   Send a quick note to a buddy on the net...
BeBook Fetcher       R3   I  R4 P/I Quick access to specific doc in the BeBook
BeBookFetcher Fetcher          R4 P/I BeIDE add-on to launch BeBookFetcher
BeBreakout                   R4 P/I BeBreakout is an Arkanoid/Breakout clone
BeBuilder                    R4   I GUI / C++ generator
BeCalc                              Best GUI calculator anywhere.
Becasso              R3 P/I  R4 P/I Paint & Imaging application
BeCheckPoint         R3 P/I  R4 P   BeCheckPoint is a login type application
BeChess3D            R3 P    R4 P   This is a chess game with a 3D interface
BeCmix               R3 P    R4 P   An audio mixing and signal processing package.
BeColumns                    R4 P/I A clone of Columns (the falling blocks game)
BeCommander                  R4 P/I File Management Utility with Integrated FTP Client
BeConstruct          R3 P    R4 P   a replicant-oriented GUI editor
BeCQ                         R4 P/I ICQ client for BeOS.
BeCypher                            Commutative cypher tool
BeDaliClock          R3 P/I  R4 P   Melting Digit Clock (replicant enabled!)
BeDiskManager                R4   I a file manager utilities
BeDVI                R3 P    R4 P   dvi viewer
BeEarth                      R4 P/I Port of XEarth
BeEQ                 R3 P/I  R4 P   A graphical equalizer display.
BeEyes               R3 P    R4 P   A mouse locator, akin to XEyes, but cooler
Beff                         R4   I Checks POP3 mailboxes on multiple servers w/ Audio
BeFootguy            R3 P    R4 P   Nearly Useless Entertainment
BeFrotz              R3 P    R4 P   Infocom games interpreter
BeGrafique                   R4 P/I BeGrafique is an extendable image editing app.
BeGrey               R3 P/I  R4 P   Greyscale colour map conversion
BeGUI                        R4 P   demo of BeGUI interface layout routines
Begurgitate                  R4   I a (very) simple system monitor application
Behaviour            R3 P/I  R4 P   Behaviour is a mechanics simulator.
BeHotSync            R3 P    R4 P   BeHotSync - Synchronise your Palm Pilot
Behtzee                      R4   I A Yahtzee clone
BeInformed           R3 P/I  R4 P/I Multithreaded, graphically newsclient.
BeInsane                     R4 P/I An Insane Game (puzzle/action) clone
BeInternetCentral    R3 P    R4 P   A universal Internet Configuration system
BeJZip                       R4   I Graphical Infocom interpreter
BeKey                R3   I         "S/Key" OTP generator (Supports MD4,MD5,SHA1)
Belgian keyboard map  R3   I         A better keyboard map for belgian keyboards
BeLoad               R3 P    R4 P   Displays system load history
BeMail                              BeOS-bundled e-mail client
BeMail with Word Services  R3 P/I  R4 P   Modified BeMail - links to spellcheckers, etc.
BeMAME               R3 P    R4 P   A port of MAME to the BeOS
BeMAPlay1.2+         R3 P    R4 P   MPEG Layer 3 player for the BeBox.
BeMetro                      R4   I a simple metronome featuring built-in synth
BeMountains                  R4 P/I Port of XMountains.
BeMP                 R3 P/I  R4 P   Mpeg Audio LayerIII decoder/player
BeMulti              R3 P    R4 P   Simple application for Bt848
Benaphore            R3 P/I  R4 P   A signal-safe implementation of a Benaphore.
BeNet                        R4   I Phone over IP
BeNFS                        R4 P/I an nfs client fs plugin
BeNFSClient          R3 P    R4 P   An NFS Version2 client file system plugin for PR
BeNFSServer          R3 P    R4 P   BeNFSServer is, well, a NFS Version 2 Server
BeNibblix                    R4 P/I A Nibbles-clone for BeOS
BeNotify                     R4 P/I User configurable notification mechanism
BeOberon                            Enhanced Oberon-2 Compiler with BeOS Classes
BeOhms                       R4   I Ohms Law solver
BeOnline             R3   I         Network Control Utility
Beorythms            R3 P    R4 P   A biorythms program.
BeOS News Ticker             R4   I BeOS News Ticker - displays scrolling news
BeOSBounce           R3 P    R4 P/I BeBounce For Two BeOS Systems
BeOSStorm.zip        R3 P    R4 P   Nice screen saver
BePac Deluxe         R3 P/I  R4 P   The best MacOS Pacman clone ported to the BeOS!
BePatience           R3   I  R4   I Patience/Solitaire/Klondike game for BeOS
BePDF                        R4 P/I PDF reader
BePerl v4.8.2        R3 P    R4 P   Perl v4
Beph                 R3 P    R4 P   A Graphical ph Client
BePhoney             R3 P/I  R4 P/I Turns your voice modem into an answering machine
BePi                                Pi Calculator
BePlan                       R4 P/I BePlan is a datebook / calendar application
BEpMARS              R3   I  R4   I BEpMARS Corewar simulator for BeOS Intel R4
BeProfiler           R3 P    R4 P   Profiler BeOS and MW
BeProlog                     R4   I Prolog Interpreter
BeProtected          R3   I         An IP packet filtering firewall for BeOS
BePSD Translator             R4   I Translator for Adobe Photoshop(C) PSD files
BeREND               R3 P    R4 P   A multithreaded raytracer with network support
Berkeley MPEG-1 Video Encoder  R3 P/I  R4 P/I Port of mpeg_encode. Encodes images to mpeg movies
BeRometer                    R4 P/I Benchmark application for memory, graphics & file
BeSafe                       R4   I A DeskBar compatible screen saver.
BeSalat              R3 P/I  R4 P   Calculate Islamic prayer times and dates
BeSic                R3   I  R4   I BeSIC BASIC Interpreter/Shell, version 1.00b
BeSieve              R3 P    R4 P   Sieve benchmark for BeOS
BeSokoban                    R4 P/I A Sokoban ( aka "Boxes" ) clone
BeSol                R3 P/I  R4 P/I Users can easily create many games of solitaire
BeSqueak                            A multi-platform Smalltalk-80 environment
BeStripper           R3 P/I  R4 P   Converts text files between MacOS, BeOS, Windows
BeSwarm              R3 P/I  R4 P   Port of xswarm for Saver
Betelgeuse Threading and Synchronization  R3 P    R4 P   Library of threading and synchronization classes
BeThere                      R4 P/I Calendar/Scheduling Application (vCalendar format)
BeTree               R3   I  R4 P/I File manager with a tree view
Betris               R3 P    R4 P   Tetris.
BeVC                 R3 P    R4 P   Simple Version Control Utility
BeVGB PR             R3 P    R4 P   GameBoy emulation
BEXPAND                      R4   I Midi sampler with graphical edition
BeZAP                R3 P/I  R4 P   GUI Archiver using the ZAP/XAP format
BeZip                R3 P    R4 P   a GUI for zip
BeZX                 R3 P/I  R4 P   Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator for BeOS.
BFileIFF Class       R3 P    R4 P   Class for accessing IFF files
BHand                        R4 P/I BHand (Bastard Hand) is a user authentication soft
BImage               R3 P    R4 P   grayscale images: filtering, reading, clouding
Binary Calculator    R3 P    R4 P   A binary calculator for programmers.
Birch                R3 P    R4 P   The premiere extendable IRC client for BeOS!
BitmapRotate         R3 P/I  R4 P   A bitmap rotating program.
BitSwapper           R3 P/I  R4 P   Variable-strength encryption using bit-swapping
BJongg               R3 P/I  R4 P/I Mah Jongg solitaire, PPC/x86 native
bladeenc             R3   I         mp3 encoder
Blanket              R3 P/I  R4 P   Modular Screen Saver
BlanketKit           R3 P    R4 P   Kit for Blanket screen saver modules
BLinAlg              R3 P    R4 P   Linear Algebra: BLAS to FFT,SVD, w/ a 'lazy' twist
BLinAlg-FFT                  R4 P/I Basic Linear Algebra, Optimization, FFT classlib
BLister              R3 P    R4 P   BLister, an E-mail list server.
Blithe               R3 P    R4 P/I Run-time text localization toolkit
BM Helper            R3 P    R4 P   NetPositive Bookmark editor
bmake                R3 P    R4 P   Binary for OpenBSD version of make renamed "bmake".
BMORB                R3 P    R4 P/I Package for distributed BMessages
Bochs                R3 P    R4 P   x86 PC emulator
Bomb                 R3   I         Produces animated organic graphics
Bong                 R3 P    R4 P   BeOS version of the arcade classic Pong
Boo                  R3 P/I  R4 P   Image morphing and texture generation
Bookmark!            R3 P    R4 P   Set of 3 Applications for bookmarks managment
Bookmarker           R3 P/I  R4 P   Bookmarker rewrites N+ bookmarks into an HTML file
BookmarkPorter       R3 P/I  R4 P/I Convert NS and IE bookmarks to NetPositive format.
Bookworm             R3 P    R4 P   Bookmark conversion program
bots                 R3 P    R4 P   A robot fighting screensaver!
BouncingBall         R3 P/I  R4 P   R3 port of Hiroshi's bouncing ball screen saver
Bovine RC5 client    R3 P    R4 P   BeOS GUI port of the Bovine RC5 client software
BPlode               R3 P    R4 P   Compress/Uncompress your files from the Tracker
Braininabox                         A neural network server
BrainWash            R3 P/I  R4 P   Blanket screen saver module
Breeze 3D Converter  R3 P/I  R4 P   3D file format converter and viewer
BrentOptimization    R3 P    R4 P   Brent's univariate optimization/root finding
BrownianWalks        R3 P    R4 P   Presents a window with a colourful brownian walk.
browse               R3 P/I  R4 P   Utility app to open files, directories and URLs.
bsd-man              R3 P    R4 P   Port of OpenBSD "man" command to BeOS
Bubbles              R3 P/I  R4 P   Fun little screen saver for use with Blanket
BuckMUCK                     R4   I BuckMUCK - MUCK client.
Butterfly                    R4   I picture viewer with file system navigation
BxPreferences                R4   I Small class to read and write attributes.
byacc                R3 P    R4 P/I BYacc 1.9 - Free Yacc version.
BYTEmark             R3 P/I  R4 P   BYTE Magazine's BYTEmark CPU benchmark
bzip                 R3 P    R4 P   Gzip-like utility with 60% better compression
bzip2                R3 P/I  R4 P/I Gzip-like file compression utility.

c++advio                     R4 P/I Advanced i/o, TCP, and Arithmetic Compr classlib
Calc-O-Matic         R3 P/I  R4 P/I Prototype RPN Calculator (only integers working)
Calculator++                 R4   I Scientific Calculator & Replicant (+ source code)
Calendar             R3 P/I  R4 P/I Displays a calendar on screen.
CalendarJ            R3 P/I  R4 P/I Displays a calendar on screen in Japanese.
Camera                       R4   I Digital camera software
campus                       R4 P/I Multiuser ftp server for the BeOS
CaseChangers         R3 P/I  R4 P/I Change case of filenames.
Cassidy              R3   I         HOPALONG screen saver module for Blanket
CDDA Driver          R3 P           Device driver for CDDA over SCSI + audio playback
CDPlayer                            BeOS-bundled CD Player
CDViewer                     R4   I Manage the "CD Tracks" files of the "boot/home/cd"
Cell                 R3 P    R4 P   a cellular automaton gimmick
CharacterMap                 R4   I Add Character Code Display to CharacterMap
CheesyBlanker                R4   I The world's most pathetic screen blanker
CheesyPop                    R4   I A simple open source Pop3 email client.
Chron                R3 P    R4 P/I Clone of X11 Chron
Chronology.so                R4   I lib makes calculation with date&time easy.
CircleToy            R3 P/I  R4 P/I Sample source code showing how to draw in a window
CL-Amp               R3   I  R4 P/I MP3 player with WinAmp look (the skins)
Claris_to_BeMail     R3 P           Converts Claris E-Mailer Lite files to BeMail's
Class Changer        R3 P    R4 P   Adds additional class fields to archived objects
clavier              R3 P    R4 P   French keymap for Apple Extended keyboard II
ClipboardViewer      R3 P/I  R4 P   A Clipboard Viewer for BeOS !
ClockRAM             R3 P    R4 P   Replacement for Deskbar replicant clock.
Clouds               R3 P    R4 P   Clouds Screen Saver module for Blanket
cls                  R3 P    R4 P/I Color ls command for Terminal
Cluster              R3 P    R4 P   Searching for clusters with fuzzy-algorithm in 2-D
cmail                R3 P    R4 P   cli mail program. sort of like the unix mailx
CMan                 R3   I         CMan 1.5j (freeware) Rolodex/Contact Manager
cocoview                     R4 P/I Porno Picture Viewer
Code10               R3 P    R4 P   Sketch of interface for relational database
CommandTimer                 R4   I Counts down to zero then runs a command line.
Composite            R3 P    R4 P/I Command line util for fades/composites/dissolves
Connect 4            R3 P    R4 P   A game of Connect 4
Contact Man          R3 P    R4 P   a simple Contact Manager
Content              R3 P/I  R4 P/I Searchable BeBook Outline and Index
Control Panel        R3   I         Utility showing many info about your hardware.
convert_bookmark     R3 P/I  R4 P   Shell script to convert PR2 bookmarks to R3 format
ConvertAmBe          R3   I  R4   I Converting a french Amiga/Win text file to BeOS
Conway               R3 P/I  R4 P   Another version of Conway's Game of Life   
CookieJar            R3 P    R4 P   A Collection of Small, Robust and Useful Classes
CookingTimer         R3 P/I  R4 P/I A very simple timer program to count down
CopyToClip           R3   I         Tracker Addon : getting path from tracker
Count                        R4   I Tracker add-on, counts the files in your selection
cpattr               R3 P    R4 P   utility for copying attributes between files
cputime              R3 P/I  R4 P   Shows current CPU-load in a *SMALL* window
Critical Mass        R3 P    R4 P   Set off chain reactions & blow things up!
cron                         R4 P/I Port of UNIX cron utility
Crude Floppy Copy                   a very simple floppy copier
Crumpet              R3 P    R4 P   Audio CD writer application
crypto                       R4 P/I Cryptogram Solver
Csound               R3 P    R4 P   Port of Csound sound synthesis system, plus UI
CueStation           R3 P    R4 P   automated digital audio mixer control
CursorGen            R3 P/I  R4 P/I Creates, manages, generates, and animates cursors
Cyradis              R3 P    R4 P   MultiThreaded Ray Tracer designed for BeOS.

da Noise (Nino)      R3 P    R4 P   Working example of the Nino classes
Daleks                       R4 P/I Strategy game of 'dodge the robots'
Danish PC Keymap.pkg  R3   I         A danish pc compatible keyboard map
Dark Corona PEGASUS  R3 P/I  R4 P/I scrolling action arcade game
DataDock             R3 P    R4 P   Active clipboard
Datatypes.lib        R3 P    R4 P   Data translation services for BeOS
datum                R3 P/I  R4 P   Datum is an icon which displays the current date.
dc20Handler          R3 P    R4 P   'Capture' datatype for KODAK DC20 Digital Camera
dddebug                      R4   I Enable and disable kernel dprintf()s
DebugMonitor                 R4   I Death to printf debugging!
debugWindow          R3 P    R4 P   debugWindow library is a dev./debug tool.
DecayScreen          R3 P    R4 P   Watch your screen melt before your eyes!
DeepCount                    R4   I Size & Amount of files, (sub)folders, attributes
DeposIt              R3 P/I  R4 P/I Smart launcher with a pretty good interface
Desdemona            R3 P    R4 P   Othello for the BeOS
DeskbAct                     R4 P/I Pops the DeskBar and Workspaces to the front.
DeskCalc             R3 P    R4 P   Funky desktop calculator.
DeskImage Pro        R3 P    R4 P   Desktop image utility
deskimg              R3 P    R4 P   Replacement for pre-AA DesktopImage functionality
DeskLauncher                 R4 P/I Deskbar launcher
DeskNotes                    R4   I A Replicant based desktop note program.
DeskPad              R3 P    R4 P   Stickies/Note pad type program
DeskTerm                     R4 P/I Terminal Launcher for the Deskbar
deslib               R3 P    R4 P   DES Library
dev_server           R3 P    R4 P   Interface between kernel add-ons and other worlds.
DevaCalc             R3 P/I  R4 P   A programmer's hex/decimal/octal/binary calculator
DGD                          R4 P/I DGD 1.1p6b beta
DHCP Client          R3 P/I  R4 P   DHCP client
DictUser             R3 P/I  R4 P   GUI frontend -- /boot/.../goodies/dictionary
DigiClock            R3 P    R4 P   Digital Clock and more....
diner                        R4 P/I HTTP Server
Disco                        R4   I Disco File-Manager
Disk Mapper          R3 P    R4 P   Graphically display the blocks of your hard drive
DiskWiper                    R4   I SCSI device eraser
DOOM                 R3 P/I  R4 P   Classic first-person 3-D shoot'em'up adventure
Doom!                R3 P/I  R4 P/I Full-screen Doom 1.9 for BeOS
DOOM (update)        R3 P/I  R4 P   Classic first-person 3-D shoot'em'up adventure
DOSfs                R3 P/I  R4 P   dos fs plugin
DragAndScrap                 R4   I Drag&Drop type ScrapBook
drawmap                      R4 P   Render maps from U.S. Geological Survey data files
DriveWatcher         R3   I         DriveWatcher
DropClock            R3 P    R4 P   Alarm clock that launches a file or application.
DropColour           R3 P/I  R4 P   Drag and Drop Colours
DropInspector        R3 P    R4 P   Drop any object on this and it'll tell all
DropType             R3   I         Changes the mime type of files dropped on window
DropURL              R3 P    R4 P   Drop a URL on the it to open Net+ at that location
DrumCircle                   R4   I Midi sequencer with a knack 4 playing Drum Circles
DTPicView                    R4 P/I Data translation picture viewer
DualPlayer           R3 P    R4 P   Multiformat audio player
Duck Feet            R3 P    R4 P   The beginnings of a SK8-like environment.
dumpattr             R3 P/I  R4 P   Dumps an attribute in raw form to standard output
DumpTrack                    R4 P/I "Rips" audio tracks from CD
Dvorak-plus          R3 P    R4 P   Improved Dvorak keymap
dyn                  R3 P/I  R4 P   Updates your DynDNS entry for www.ml.org services.
DynaMate             R3 P    R4 P/I Puzzlegame

Easy Beat                    R4   I Easy Beat Drum machine for Be OS R4
EasyInstallCreator           R4 P/I Creates installler for BeOS applications and files
EBitmap protocol     R3 P    R4 P   The EBitmap protocol and sample code
Eddie                R3 P    R4 P/I Full featured programmers editor
Eddie Plugin Developer Kit  R3 P/I  R4 P   Developer Kit for Eddie plugin development
Edison Cylinder      R3 P    R4 P   demo version of multitrack digital audio editor
Electronic BizCardz  R3   I         Change your business card.
ElectronStorm        R3 P/I  R4 P   Electron Storm saver module ported to DR9
emacs                R3 P/I  R4 P   Editor extraordinaire
Emergency Reload     R3 P    R4 P   Small utility that reloads the Tracker/Deskbar
enamel                       R4 P/I enamel is a server and client package for emails.
Encoder UI           R3 P    R4 P   A user interface for the mp3 encoder
Enemy Territory              R4 P   Strategy Game
English Distance Converter  R3 P/I  R4 P/I English Distance conversion header file
English Liquid Converter  R3 P/I  R4 P/I Converts between many English system liquid units
Ensoniq es1370 driver          R4   I Ensoniq AudioPCI ES1370 driver for R4
EPSON Stylus         R3 P/I  R4 P   Epson Stylus Color Printer driver
EPSTranslator        R3 P    R4 P   Translator add-on to export bitmaps as EPS
Equate               R3 P    R4 P   A command line calculator.
EroGappa             R3 P/I  R4 P   A simple demo application of Game Kit
Error Handler        R3 P    R4 P   Error Handling framework
es1370               R3   I         Ensoniq AudioPCI ES1370 sound card driver.
es1371                       R4   I ES1371-based PCM audio driver (NOT ES1370)
ES1879 Driver                R4   I Sound Card driver for the ESS 1879
EudoraToBeMail       R3 P    R4 P   Perl script converts Eudora mailbox to BeMail
EuroBox                      R4 P   A simple money conversion program
Executioner          R3 P    R4 P   BeIDE shell command executing add-on
Expander                            BeOS-bundled file decompressor
ExpandMe add-on      R3 P/I  R4 P   Tracker add-on to expand tgz, gz, uue or zip files
Expression Parser with Variables  R3 P    R4 P   Mathematical Expression Parser with Variables

FakeBar                      R4 P   launcher which can customize layers.
FAMe_Accounting              R4   I Home accounting manager.
FateMaker            R3 P    R4 P   Random Integer Generator (source code)
favoris              R3 P/I  R4 P/I Bookmarks import from IE
FBCSolution          R3 P    R4 P   A solution to a Fragile-Base Class Problem
FBrowser-O           R3 P    R4 P   a file-browser
Felix                R3 P/I  R4 P/I Felix is a graphical IRC client for BeOS.
Feu                  R3 P/I  R4 P   a real-time smoke demo with z-bufferized spheres
fGUI                 R3 P    R4 P   fGUI is a font sensitive layout engine
Fido                         R4 P/I Periodically fetches e-mail (use w/PPP)
FidoPackage          R3 P    R4 P   Fido-net mailer and poller (Full point support)
Fifth Element        R3 P/I  R4 P   An application launcher like Dock in DR8.
Filer                        R4 P/I Kind of a Tracker replacement
FileTyper            R3 P    R4 P   Set the mime type of many files with drag-n-drop
Filler                       R4   I Strategy and logic game
FilterResponse       R3 P    R4 P   2nd order IIR filter analysis
FinalScratch                        mp3 pitchcontrol application using vinyl record
Finance101           R3 P    R4 P   Money calculator teaches compounding interest.
Fitness Program      R3   I         Anti-Fatigue Device to ward off the Geek-Physique.
FixLink              R3 P/I  R4 P/I Repairs broken symbolic links.
fixmattr             R3 P    R4 P   Rebuilds missing/corrupted email file attributes.
Flame                R3 P/I  R4 P   Blanket module, draws cosmic flames on your screen
FlicHandler          R3 P    R4 P   A media-datatype for Autodesks FLI/FLC files.
FliPlayer            R3 P/I  R4 P/I Fli Movie Player
Florus               R3 P    R4 P   a reflexion game on a chessboard
Flush                        R4   I Flash player for the BeOS
Folder Cleaner       R3 P    R4 P   arrange the folders windows
Folder Icon Maker            R4 P/I A cool little applet to add spark to your desktop!
Folder-attribute Cut/Copy/Paste          R4   I Copy the looks of a folder to other folder(s).
FolderCustomizer     R3 P/I  R4 P   Assign a custom icon to a file parent folder
Fontboy                      R4   I Fast Fontviewer
FontDisplay                         BeOS-bundled font display program
FontInspector                R4   I Displays fonts and allows D&D of single characters
FontiSuite           R3 P    R4 P   Font utility package
FontManager                  R4   I Font Organizer and Browser for Graphic Designers.
FontMenu             R3 P/I  R4 P   Easy, configurable, dynamic WYSIWYG Font menu.
FontSelector         R3 P/I  R4 P/I set system font sizes from 4-999, font+color d&d
FontWorld                    R4   I displays all FONTS in any text any size.
Forger3D.zip         R3 P    R4 P   Basic 3D Editor
ForkStub             R3 P    R4 P   sample code for sublaunching shell tools
FourthApp                           My fourth App- a simple B&W drawing app w/out save
FracTri              R3 P    R4 P   Blanket module to draw fractal triangles
freeSpace            R3 P/I  R4 P/I Graphically shows disk usage on mounted volumes
French Canadian Keymap          R4 P/I french canadian keymap
Frodo                R3 P/I  R4 P   C64 emulator
Frodo R4x86                  R4   I Commodore 64 emulator
frotz                R3 P/I  R4 P   Frotz 2.32: Infocom game interpreter
ftp                                 BeOS-bundled command-line FTP client
ftpd                                BeOS-bundled FTP server
ftpfs                               makes FTP sites available through the Tracker

Gauges               R3 P    R4 P   System Resource display gauges replicant
GB2UTF8              R3   I         Convert Chinese text(GB) to UTF8.
gcc (egcs)           R3 P/I  R4 P   GCC (EGCS ss 980602) for x86/PPC BeOS
GDB 4.17.87 for R4 x86          R4   I Source Level Debugger for X86 (Major update)
GDBM library                 R4   I Gnu's GDBM library
Geb's Goodies        R3 P/I  R4 P/I ChooseType, ViewIt, Reveal Original, BExplorer...
GemTekRadio                  R4   I driver for GemTek chipset card
German PC Keyboard Map  R3 P/I  R4 P   A german pc compatible keyboard map
Get A Clue           R3 P    R4 P   A networked version of the board-game, Clue.
Get-It               R3 P/I  R4 P/I Automates your file transfers
gethostaddr          R3 P/I  R4 P/I Hacks to determine one's IP address
GetInfo                      R4 P/I Get Info tracker addon
GetMyIPAddress       R3 P/I  R4 P/I Copies your IP address to clipboard
GettyUp              R3 P    R4 P   Login application
Ghostscript                  R4 P/I Postscript and PDF Viewer
giftrans             R3 P    R4 P   Make transparent GIF89A files
GIFTranslator                R4   I A free read/write GIF Translator
Gil                  R3 P    R4 P   Reconstructs the password file from a shadow
GLUT                         R4   I GLUT Library
GLUT                 R3 P    R4 P/I A popular 3-D toolkit for OpenGL programmers.
GNU EMACS            R3 P    R4 P   It's not just an editor, it's an operating system.
GNU Emacs                           Newest Emacs that takes in functions of mule.
GNU Pascal (GPC)             R4   I Port of GNU Pascal 2.1þ
Gnuplot              R3 P    R4 P   port of Gnuplot 3.5 to BeOS
Gobe Productive      R3 P/I  R4 P/I An extensible, integrated application
GP WebSafe Ink Set   R3 P/I  R4 P   a web safe ink set for Gobe Productive
Grabbo               R3 P/I  R4 P   MIDI controller using computer vision
GrabIt                       R4   I Screen Capture application
GrafDemo             R3 P/I  R4 P   Scientific graphing application
GraphicConverter     R3 P    R4 P/I Image editing and conversion software
GravitySim           R3 P    R4 P   Gravity Simulator
Greynetic            R3 P    R4 P   Watch your screen fill with multicoloured squares!
GridView             R3 P    R4 P   Container view, dynamically reshapable by end user
Guile (unoffical port)  R3 P    R4 P   A portable, embeddable & scripting Scheme from FSF
Guips                R3   I         GUI version of ps
GUIZip               R3 P    R4 P   GUI for zip demos my GUI layout routines
GUIZip                              demo GUI wrapper for zip
GzipMe add-on                R4 P/I Tracker add-on to easily gzip files or directories

h.Scribe                            html Editor w/ftp client,ImageMap & a screen ruler
h263Handler          R3 P    R4 P   A media-datatype for h263 files.
HAID                 R3 P/I  R4 P   Object-Relational Database API (developer preview)
Hammurabi            R3 P/I  R4 P/I Kingdom management game.
Han2UTF              R3   I         Korean Code Converter
HanBe                        R4 P/I Korean Input Server Method
hd                           R4 P/I Excellent hex dump command-line tool
HDF                  R3 P    R4 P   Hierarchical Data Format Library from NCSA
HeadShrink           R3 P/I  R4 P   Tracker add-on to compress files to ".boz" format
hex2chars            R3 P    R4 P   hex to unsigned char theImage[]={0xFA, etc.};
HexJuggler           R3 P/I  R4 P   Hexadecimal editor with standard GUI
HexRPNCalc                   R4 P/I A hexadecimal RPN calculator
hey                                 public domain scripting utility
heymodule            R3 P    R4 P/I Add BeOS Application Scripting to Python
heymodule + Python package  R3 P    R4 P   BeOS Application Scripting module plus Python
Hit&Run              R3 P/I  R4 P   Launch programs with the function keys.
Hole Saver Module    R3 P/I  R4 P   Saver module for Blanket
Holiday Art Screen Saver  R3 P/I  R4 P   Holiday Screen Saver - w/source for PPC|PENTIUM
Holli Dance          R3 P    R4 P   Real time dance animation program
HookWorld            R3 P/I  R4 P   Shows when each hook function is called
Hoopy!               R3 P/I  R4 P   What a Hoopy! saver for Blanket
Hopalong             R3 P/I  R4 P   Hopalong fractal screen saver
Hope                 R3 P    R4 P   Lazy interpretor for the functional language Hope
Hot Borders          R3 P/I  R4 P   Use your mouse to change workspaces!
HP Deskjet Printer Driver  R3 P/I  R4 P   HP Deskjet Printer Driver
hsc                          R4   I Macro preprocessor language for html.
HSIRawHandler        R3 P    R4 P   A HSI Raw handler
HTML-X               R3   I         HTML-X makes HTML authoring quicker
HTMLPreview          R3 P    R4 P   Plugin for BeIDE top preview HTML with NetPositive
HTTP Proxy           R3 P/I  R4 P/I HTTP Proxy server for BeOS w/source code
HU-Prolog            R3   I         A Prolog Interpreter
Hustler                      R4 P/I Simple Deskbar CD Player
HVSCUpdater                  R4   I Update program to HVSC collections
Hypercube            R3 P/I  R4 P   Mysterious 3D cube screen saver
HyperTTT             R3 P/I  R4 P   tic-tac-toe with 0-2 players in up to 6 dimensions

Icon2Gif                     R4 P/I Convert an application's icons into JPEG files.
Icon2res             R3 P    R4 P   Icon to mwbres resource converter
icon2tga             R3 P    R4 P   Converts icon attributes to targa
IconBits             R3 P    R4 P   IconBits (generate unsigned char [] from Icons)
IconDump             R3 P/I  R4 P   Dumps tracker icons to C++ source code
Icons                R3 P    R4 P   Read icons from mac, windows & be resources
id3ren                       R4   I tags MP3 files using id3 standard
ID3tag                       R4   I ID3tag can create/change/remove tags from MP3 file
identd               R3 P    R4 P   A small Ident Daemon for PR2.
identdx86                    R4   I an identd server
Idx3d-port                   R4   I C++ port of a 3D engine
IE Favorite Launcher          R4   I Opens your IE favorites in Net+.
IE Shortcut Resolver          R4   I Internet Explorer Shortcut (Favorite) Resolver
IFF_ILBMHandler      R3 P    R4 P   Datatype handler for Amiga IFF ILBM images.
IFFParser            R3   I         A class helping in parsing of an IFF file
ImageBrowser         R3 P    R4 P   Image Export Viewer Tracker add-on
ImageDump            R3 P/I  R4 P   Dumps image file to C++ source code
ImageElements        R3 P    R4 P   Object-oriented image processing framework
ImageMachine         R3 P    R4 P   Image format translation utility
ImageToUChar         R3 P/I  R4 P   Converts images into unsigned char arrays
img2icon             R3 P    R4 P   Converts images to Tracker icon attributes
img2mwbres           R3 P    R4 P   Convert from images (datatypes) to mwbres source
Img2res              R3   I         Image to resource converter
Incinerator          R3 P/I  R4 P   Incinerator is a secure file deletion utility
Indent               R3 P    R4 P   A sourcecode indenter to BeIDE
Indepth                      R4 P/I another file-browser utility
Index                        R4   I Display/Edit BFS volume indexes
IndexBrowser         R3 P/I  R4 P   List/Create/Remove/Re-Index Attribute Indicies.
Indices              R3 P           See what indices are present on a BFS volume
Inform               R3 P/I  R4 P   A compiler for interactive fiction
IniFile access class          R4   I Read and write *.ini file.
Interface Elements           R4 P/I Resource & GUI editor
Internet Junkbuster  R3 P    R4 P   HTTP proxy server offering cookie and URL blocking
Intuos                       R4   I Wacom Intuos tablet driver
ioport               R3   I         I/O port driver for geek!
iostone                      R4 P/I disk throughput benchmark, with source
iostream.h           R3 P    R4 P   A simple <iostream> (as CW DR8 doesn't have one)
iozone                       R4 P/I disk throughput benchmark, with source
ISIS                 R3   I         Kernel, PCI and PNP information
ISO9660++                    R4   I ISO9660 driver hack with Joliet filename support

Jabber                       R4 P   ntalk compatible talk package (client/daemon)
Jam/MR               R3 P/I  R4 P/I Jam/MR, a make replacement from Perforce Software.
Jaws                 R3 P/I  R4 P   Web-server with virtual hosts, CGI, and SSI.
JConverter           R3 P    R4 P   Text converter from SJIS, JIS, EUC to Unicode UTF8
Jellikit                     R4 P/I An extensible attribute editor
Jisho                        R4 P/I Japanese->English dictionary.
JISKeymap            R3 P/I  R4 P   Keymap for JIS(JapanIndustrialStandard) Keyboards.
joe                  R3 P/I  R4 P/I JOE for the BeOS. Makes text editing a breeze.
Joker                R3 P    R4 P   Amusing term program.
jove                 R3 P    R4 P   Tiny EMACS-like editor for your Terminal
JPEGHandler          R3   I         Datatype handler for JPEG images
Juggle               R3 P    R4 P   Calendar / Contact Manager
JukeBox              R3 P/I  R4 P   CDDB compliant CD player
Julia                R3 P/I  R4 P   Realtime Julia and Mandelbrot sets
JuliaDomna           R3 P/I  R4 P   Julia set screen saver module for Blanket
Juliamation          R3 P    R4 P   Animated Julia sets in Blanket
JustDecode                   R4 P/I Decodes base64 and uuencoded files.
JustShow                     R4 P   A slide show program based on the translation kit
JX100Input           R3 P    R4 P   Sharp JX-100 colour scanner input handler.
JX100Translator      R3 P    R4 P   Sharp JX-100 colour scanner translator add-on

KabeChangeDX                 R4 P   Desktop Background Utility
Kagi Register        R3 P/I  R4 P/I Shareware registration fee collection service.
kdbg                 R3 P/I  R4 P   Command line tool to toggle kernel debugging.
KEdit                        R4 P   A simple text editor for input Japanese.
Keymap Apple German  R3 P    R4 P   German keymap for Apple keyboards
KeyMaster            R3 P    R4 P   MIDI performance software
killteam             R3 P/I  R4 P   Kill teams by team ID or by name.
Kizunomp mpeg creator  R3 P    R4 P/I mpeg-1/2lsf layer 1/2/3 with multiprocessing GUI
klix                         R4   I klix is just a small puzzle-game, but it¥s fun!
koko                 R3 P/I  R4 P/I Content or Container ? an experiment in UI
KVEC for BeOS        R3 P    R4 P   commandline-utility for raster-vector conversion

LaCheck                      R4   I A consistency checker for LaTeX documents.
LanguageClass        R3 P/I  R4 P/I Support for multiple languages for your app
LAP                  R3 P    R4 P   A library to parse binary as well as text files
laser                R3 P/I  R4 P   R3 port of Marco's laser lightshow screen saver
LaunchPad            R3 P/I  R4 P   A simple dock-like launcher
layout library       R3 P/I  R4 P   library for creating resizable, font-sensitve GUIs
Layout Manager lib           R4 P/I a library for layout management
LazyDeamon                   R4 P/I Creates a recent apps folder in Be menu.
LCLint                       R4   I LCLint is a tool for statically checking C progs.
LDMud                R3 P    R4 P/I LPMud Gamedriver, based on Amylaar LPMud
Leds                 R3 P    R4 P   Displays audio level on the leds of a BeBox
Legolas              R3 P    R4 P   A drawing and painting application
Lens                 R3 P    R4 P   Magnify w/ coord display, crosshairs, and grid tog
LesserMail                   R4   I LesserMail is a multilingual e-mail environment.
LetItBe              R3 P    R4 P   Database software.
Lexicon              R3 P/I  R4 P/I GUI dictionary front end
lha                  R3 P/I  R4 P/I lha (de)archiver for .lha archives
lha for ELF                  R4   I lha tool for ELF
LHarc                R3 P    R4 P   Compression/archive utilitiy
libBeGUI.so                  R4 P/I GUI application library
libCh                R3 P    R4 P   A collection of handy objects for BeOS programmers
libcools including PEdit  R3 P    R4 P   "libcools" adds some controls to the Interface Kit
libGLTT and FreeType          R4   I libGLTT and FreeType true type font libraries.
libHTTP                      R4 P/I Free shared library implementing HTTP/1.1
liblayout developer archive  R3 P    R4 P   liblayout headers, sample code and documentation
libmoreposix         R3 P    R4 P   POSIX 1003.1 semaphore support.
libpng               R3 P/I  R4 P   libpng v1.0.2 port for BeOS
libprefs             R3 P/I  R4 P   Preferences library/API (easy to use)
libregexp            R3   I         Henry Spencer's regexp library, compiled for Be
libregexp.so         R3   I         Henry Spencer's regexp library, compiled for BeOS
libunits             R3 P    R4 P   Library to handle international unit translation.
Link_Traveller               R4 P/I Opens symbolic link's parent window
Linux Ext2 Filesystem Driver  R3   I  R4   I Linux Ext2 Filesystem driver (read-only)
listimage            R3 P    R4 P   Replacement for busted listimage shipped with BeOS
LiView               R3 P/I  R4 P   Multi-Image viewer, displays images on a palette
lm78                 R3   I         LM78 sensor driver
Lmorph               R3 P/I  R4 P   Morphing shape screen saver
LnIRC                        R4   I Bare to the bones IRC client
Loan Analysis                       Simple Loan Analysis
LogSines             R3 P    R4 P   Sine tone generator with logarithmic controls
LookUp               R3 P    R4 P   Look up words, area and zip codes, and more!
Lorenz               R3 P/I  R4 P   You can observer Lorenz's strange attractors
Lorenz_addon         R3 P/I  R4 P   Lorenz strange attractor - the winner of addon!
LowerCase                           Tracker add-on to lowercase files and folder name
Lowercase            R3 P/I  R4 P   Lowers the case of the names of file and folders.
ls-color             R3 P    R4 P   Version of 'ls' that displays directories in color
Lyapunovia           R3 P/I  R4   I Morphing Lyapunov Space Fractals.

m4                   R3 P    R4 P   Macro-processor deluxe
MacPaintTranslator   R3 P    R4 P   Translator for MacPaint files
MacRes ToolKit       R3 P    R4 P   Convert Macintosh resources files into Be ones 
Magnetic             R3 P    R4 P   Magnetic Scrolls interpreter
Mail Clique          R3 P/I  R4 P   Bulk E-mailer to send parametric messages
MailFilter                   R4   I Filter's incoming mail into defined folders
MailMan              R3 P    R4 P   Email manager that moves old email to Trash.
mailto                       R4 P/I Simple command-line program for sending e-mail
MailTO                       R4 P/I Utility to send files through mail from Tracker
man                                 This is the famous UNIX Manual
MandelSaver          R3 P    R4 P   Fast Mandelbrot screensaver
maplay               R3 P    R4 P   Port of maplay 1.2+, a MPEG audio player
Mark As Read         R3 P    R4 P   Marks selected email(s) as 'Read'
Maze                 R3 P/I  R4 P   self-solving maze screen saver
MboxToBeMail         R3 P/I  R4 P   converts UN*X mail mboxes to proper Be mail
MBROLA               R3 P    R4 P   a speech synthesizer based on diphones
MegaDemo IV 2                       The first "scene" demo for BeOS from ArtWork
MemoChip                     R4 P/I Desktop memo like PostIt
Memory                       R4 P/I Memory shows the RAM usage docked in the deskbar.
Mesa                                an OpenGL "clone"
Message              R3 P/I  R4 P   BMessage viewer. View, Drag, Save, Restore
message_daemon       R3 P    R4 P   Daemon for sharing BMessages with remote machines
MessageDemo-0.1.zip  R3 P    R4 P   Sample Code for BMessageFilter
MessageEditor        R3 P    R4 P/I view, edit, post and save BMessage.
Metamorph                    R4   I An open source command line morpher
Methods Add-on for BeIDE  R3 P    R4 P   An Add-on for BeIDE
mex                          R4   I tiny emacs-like editor
MHPOP3               R3 P    R4 P   Simple POP3 watcher.
Microsoft Truetype Fonts (Newfonts Set)  R3 P    R4 P   Free fonts from Microsoft with BeOS installer.
Midi                                BeOS-bundled Midi player
MIDI Keys            R3 P    R4 P   A visual MIDI keyboard
MIDI Through         R3 P    R4 P   Connects MIDI ins to outs and internal synth
MidiMonitor                  R4 P/I displays incoming MIDI messages (w/source)
MIDIPlayer           R3 P/I  R4 P   A simple MIDI file player
MIDIToy              R3 P/I  R4 P/I HelloWorld for MIDI - simple hardware test
MidiWorld!                   R4 P/I A midi player that can play lists
Mille Bornes Deluxe  R3   I         A french card game for the BeOS
MIMEset              R3 P/I  R4 P   Drag-n-Drop manipulation of files' MIME types.
MIMESwitch           R3 P    R4 P   Set MIME type of file to default types
Mindy                R3 P    R4 P   An implementation of the Dylan programming languag
MineSweeper          R3 P/I  R4 P   The classic game of MineSweeper
minicom for BeOS     R3 P/I  R4 P   Port of minicom for BeOS/ Alternative to Connect
MiniPulse                    R4 P/I Like Pulse, but uses minimal screen space.
MiniPulse 2          R3 P    R4 P   Tiny "Pulse" app that remembers where you put it.
mixtest              R3 P    R4 P   tests other applications for correct mixing
MkDepend             R3 P    R4 P/I Makefile Dependency Generator
mkisofs              R3 P    R4 P   Create ISO-9660 (CD-ROM) filesystems
mon                  R3 P/I  R4 P   Command-driven file monitor
Monolab              R3 P    R4 P   A variety of color to grayscale bitmap conversions
Monolithic           R3 P    R4 P   Command line interface to Monlith's Dynamic Domain
Morman               R3 P    R4 P   Contact sheet composition program.
Morpion                      R4 P/I A Simple solitaire
Mount CDDA                   R4 P/I un/mount script for CDDA-fs addon w/install script
Mount What?                         Mounts whatever the applications name is changed 2
mp3tags                      R4 P/I Edit mp3tags with this Tracker add-on
Mpeg                 R3 P    R4 P   MPEG2 player
Mpeg2Codec           R3   I         MPEG2 Codec
MrThermistor         R3 P    R4 P   Use your BeBox GeekPort to measure temperature!
MultiSaver           R3 P/I         Blanket module - robot girl walks on your desktop
MuTerminal                   R4 P/I Terminal emulator that is supported multilingual.
MySQL Client Tools   R3   I         A Port of the MySQL Client Utilities

NAndC                R3   I  R4 P/I Noughts and Crosses game
nanodot                      R4   I a bare-bones MIDI sequencer for the BeOS
nasm                         R4   I free portable x86 Assembler
NAT                          R4 P/I Network Address Translation net_server add-on
Natural Paint                R4   I Natural Paint
ncftp                R3 P    R4 P   Command-line FTP client
NcFTP                R3 P/I  R4 P   Command-line ftp client (using ncurses)
ne                   R3 P/I  R4 P   Shell based editor. Similar to Amiga Turbotext.
Nelson               R3 P/I  R4 P   neural network applied to image transformation
Nerdkill             R3 P/I  R4 P/I A blast-all-these-nerds game
net_restart          R3 P    R4 P   a shell based net_server restarter
NetBounce            R3 P    R4 P   Networked version of BeBounce demo app
NetCacheFlush        R3 P/I  R4 P   Purges NetPositive's cache and cookie files
netcat               R3 P    R4 P   port of Hobbit's netcat to BeOS
NetCount             R3   I  R4   I Gives you details of your internet connections
NetCritters          R3 P/I  R4 P   Genetic simulator in a screen saver
netpbm               R3 P/I  R4 P/I Image manipulation/conversion suite
NetPenguin           R3 P/I  R4 P/I FTP client for BeOS R3 and R4 PPC and x86
NetPositive                         BeOS-bundled web browser
NetPositive Public Beta  R3 P/I  R4 P   NetPositive 2.0b1 Public Beta
Netropolis Web Server                 A professional quality web server.
NetSwap                             Obsoleted by BeOnline.
Nettle               R3 P/I  R4 P   Portable C++ wrappers around BSD Sockets.
NetTracker           R3 P    R4 P   Tracker for local files and FTP server.
NewFile                      R4   I NewFile Tracker add-on -- creates a new file
NewsBe                       R4   I Offline News Client
NewsRadio                    R4   I RadioTrack II driver for Intel R4
NFTP                 R3   I  R4   I Interactive textmode FTP client
NodeInspector        R3 P/I  R4 P/I GUI info & attribute viewer, editor
NodeMonitor          R3 P    R4 P   A user-level interface to The Node Monitor
NorKey               R3 P/I  R4 P/I Keybord map for norwegian keybords
NorwMacMap           R3 P    R4 P   Enables you to use the Norwegian keymap with an Apple keyboard on the BeOS 
ns2np                        R4 P/I Converts Netscape- to Be-Bookmarks
NTFS Filesystem Driver          R4   I unpolished NTFS read/only driver for R4
Ntp                  R3 P/I  R4 P/I ntp client for the BeOS
NumLock                      R4 P/I Sets NumLock on the keyboard.
Nuweb                        R4   I A simple literate programming tool for WEB sources
NV-DC1000            R3 P    R4 P   Transfer images from the NV-DC1000 digital camera.

Oasis                R3 P    R4 P   Not a Mirage.Sampler/rcorder/mixer.Rack747 addon.
objc                 R3 P    R4 P/I Portable Object Compiler and class libraries.
ObjektSynth          R3 P/I  R4 P/I Real-time, multi-timbral, modular synth
obzip                R3 P    R4 P/I File archiver (like zip) using bzip2 compression.
ocal                 R3 P    R4 P/I An Oberon-2 based "cal" implementation.
OpaqueMenus                  R4 P/I Opaque/translucent menu code for developers
Open Bernie          R3 P    R4 P/I Apple IIgs emulator
OpenLDAP                     R4   I OpenLDAP is an implementation of LDAP
Optimizing Oberon-2 Compiler  R3 P    R4 P/I Optimizing Oberon-2 compiler with ANSI-C output
Opus IV              R3 P/I  R4 P/I Opus IV v1.0beta - The BeOS File Handler.

PackageBuilder       R3 P/I  R4 P   Creates application installation packages.
Pad                  R3 P    R4 P   Fast, light notepad
PageSmith            R3   I         Dedicated Graphics Layout Program and Publisher
Palm Pilot Communications Library  R3 P    R4 P   Port of Unix Pilot Link 0.8.9
PalmBeach                    R4 P/I Connecting your PSION to the BeOS
PassControl          R3 P/I  R4 P/I A BTextControl for passwords
Password CodeLib     R3 P/I  R4 P   a class library for password GUIs
patch                R3 P    R4 P   apply changes from diff files
Patterns             R3 P/I  R4 P   Simple (disgustingly really) Graphic application
PC Card Enabler              R4   I Enabler for modem and Ethernet PC Cards
PCDTranslator        R3   I  R4   I Translator add-on for the Kodak PhotoCD format.
PCIDetect            R3 P/I  R4   I PCI Device Identification
PCIProbe             R3 P    R4 P/I Probe your PCI hardware
pcisnooper           R3   I         Detailed PCI info in a simple GUI
PCIViewer            R3   I         Graphical PCI Device Info Viewer
PCXTranslator        R3   I  R4   I Translator for PCX images
Pe                           R4   I A programmers/HTML editor
PECalc                       R4   I Parenthesized expression calculator
Pedal                R3 P/I  R4 P   Funky Spirograph/string art screen saver
Pedalboard           R3 P    R4 P   A realtime guitar effects processor  
PegS                 R3 P    R4 P   Peg Solitaire Game
peinfo               R3   I         peinfo is a program for dumping PE files
PeopleConverter      R3 P    R4 P   Converts between People file formats
PeopleManager        R3 P    R4 P   Simple but Effective Contact Management
PeoplePorter         R3 P/I  R4 P/I Convert PIM and database contact info to Be People
Perdue Compiler Construction Tool Set (PCCTS)  R3 P    R4 P   Compiler Construction kit similar to Bison & flex
PerfMonitor          R3 P    R4 P   Displays a load history for each CPU
Periodic Table       R3 P/I  R4 P   An Interactive Periodic Table
Perl extensions for Pe  R3 P/I  R4 P/I Perl scripts for use as extensions to Pe
perl5-dc             R3 P    R4   I perl5 for the BeOS
PFZCalc              R3   I         The Simplest calculator in world
PFZConverter         R3   I         Converts image(s) format
Physical Memory Driver          R4 P/I UNIX /dev/mem for BeOS
PicBrowser           R3 P/I  R4 P   Viewer for LARGE images. 
Picnic               R3 P    R4 P   A GIMP-like paint/image-processing program
PicPolish            R3 P    R4 P   Basic image processing to touch up your pictures
PICT Resourcer       R3 P    R4 P   Adds picture resources to apps and displays them
PICTHandler          R3 P    R4 P   PICT Datatype Handler
Pier                 R3 P    R4 P   Pluggable dock.
pilot-xfer           R3 P    R4 P   A quick port of pilot-xfer from  pilot-link
PilotImageTranslator          R4 P/I PalmPilot ImageViewer translator add-on
Pine                 R3 P/I  R4 P   Port of Pine - a Program for Internet News & Email
Pinnacle-Fiji Driver  R3   I  R4   I Driver for Turtle Beach Pinnacle/Fiji soundcards
pipe.a.phile         R3 P    R4 P   Tracker Add-On
pixel_doubling_blit.c  R3 P/I  R4 P   Source for a pixel-doubling blit routine
Plasma               R3 P/I  R4 P   Graphical effect
PlayerPRO                    R4 P/I Soundtracker
PlayMovie                    R4 P   Simple Movie Player
PlaySound                           BeOS-bundled audio file playback
PlaySound Classes            R4 P/I (Ver 2.0) Classes make audio playback REALLY easy
PlayVideo            R3   I         MPEG-1 video player (preview release)
pmail                R3 P    R4 P   exciting new email client that uses attributes
PNGHandler           R3 P/I  R4 P/I PNG encoder/decoder for translation kit
pnmindex.sh          R3 P/I  R4 P   build a thumbnail index of several images
pnplist              R3   I         Lists the resources allocated to PnP cards
Poker                R3 P    R4 P   A video poker game
Polyglotman (rman)   R3 P    R4 P   A port of rman, the UNIX documentation converter
PolyKit                      R4 P/I Porting helper classes
Pongeroids!                  R4 P/I Blast 3d polygonal asteroids into submission.
PoorMan                             BeOS-bundled web server
PopCalc              R3 P    R4 P   Calculator, function plotter, color palette
Postgres SQL                 R4   I Port of the postgres 6.4.2 RDBMS
Postmaster                   R4 P/I A lightweight POP3 compatible e-mail client.
POV-Ray              R3   I  R4   I Persistance of Vision Ray Tracer
Povray               R3 P    R4 P   The Povray ray tracer for the BeOS!
Power Boot                          Multi-boot Program
power-key_daemon     R3 P    R4 P   Utility to shutdown or restart from the keyboard
PowerPulsar          R3 P/I  R4 P   FFT spectro psychedelic sound analyser
PowerTrip            R3 P    R4 P   Daemon that listens to an APC SmartUPS
PPC Oberon-2 Compiler  R3 P    R4 P   PPC Oberon-2 native code compiler
PRCS                 R3 P    R4 P/I Project Revision Control System
Preferences Shared Library  R3 P    R4 P   Shared library for a preferences file
PrefServer           R3 P/I  R4 P   Server for easy saving/retrieving of preferences
PrefServer developer archive  R3 P/I  R4 P   Developer archive for PrefServer
Pretty Midplay Be OS          R4   I Nice Midifile player (internal or external).
Private Munition     R3 P    R4 P   File encryption utility
Probe Master         R3 P    R4 P   SPM controlling program
Process_History                     Industrial Process Data History System
ProcessController    R3 P/I  R4 P/I Access to running processes. Replicant capable.
ProcLoad             R3 P    R4 P/I Graphs the CPU % used ala XLoad fox X-win
Prodigal VRML Viewer  R3 P    R4 P   An OpenGL based VRML V1.0 and VRML V2.0 viewer
Progression          R3 P    R4 P   First BeOS MIDI Sequencer
psutils              R3 P/I  R4 P   Handy PostScript file manipulation utilities
Psycho               R3   I         A groovy color screen saver for Blanket
ptape                        R4 P/I SCSI-2 tape device driver
PullUp               R3 P/I  R4 P/I PullUp is Deskbar Activater.
Pulse                               BeOS-bundled CPU activity monitor
PulseBox                            device driver for the PulseBox hardware
Pulsing Package      R3 P    R4 P   Add-ons for Power Pulsar
Pyro                 R3 P/I  R4 P   Fireworks screen saver
Python               R3 P    R4 P   Excellent dynamic OOP scripting/programming lang.
Python (diffs for BeOS)  R3 P    R4 P   Diffs for building your own Python for BeOS

Q                    R3 P/I  R4 P/I Analog-like interactive music sequencer.
QScope               R3 P/I  R4 P   Triggered digital oscilloscope
QTHandler            R3 P    R4 P   QuickTime datatype handler
Quadro Preview Release          R4   I A connect 4 clone preview with skins & AI
query                R3 P    R4 P   A shell utility for querying the filesystem
Quick URL                    R4   I Quick URL -- IE4/Win98 rip-off -- version 001.
QuickDelivery        R3 P    R4 P   Send a file by e-mail as enclosere. 
QuickLetter Address Book LITE  R3 P/I  R4 P/I Free LITE version of QuickLetter Address Book
Quidquid             R3   I         BeBar-like extensible desktop utility

rack747              R3 P    R4 P   303 + 808 + acid = techno
RadioTrack           R3   I         RadioTrack card driver
Raindrops            R3 P/I  R4 P   Screensaver that makes your desktop ripple
RAMDrive                     R4 P/I Use physical memory as a high speed disk.
ramdrive_icons       R3 P    R4 P   icons for the sample ramdrive device
Range Slider         R3 P    R4 P   A BView slider (Scroll Bar) class with resizing.
Rank&File                    R4   I PIM with plugin support for vCard format
RASTranslator        R3   I         SunRaster Translator add-on for Intel
RASTranslatorX86v105.zip          R4   I SunRaster Image Translator for R4x86
RayTime              R3 P    R4 P   a real-time interactive ray-tracer
RButton              R3 P    R4 P   Replicant-Happy Button
RC5-64 Client        R3 P    R4 P/I Client for the distributed.net RC5 & DES projects
rdate                               rdate for Beos
Reaction             R3   I         A chaotic module for Blanket.
Red                  R3 P    R4 P   Icon Editor
RelativizeSymLink    R3 P    R4 P   A simple tracker-addon, makes a symlink relative
Reload classes       R3 P    R4 P   BeIDE Add-on to reload classes in AppSketcher
Reminders            R3 P    R4 P   A Reminders Program
Replicat                     R4 P/I Neko for BeOS. Every OS has to have neko.
res_move             R3 P/I  R4 P   Convert resource files between x86 and PPC BeOS
ResEDgar                     R4 P/I A BeGUI based string resource editor
resetWorkspace       R3   I         remotely reset any workspace 0-9 to 8bit 640x480
Resourcer                    R4 P   All-purpose BeOS resource editor
Resyncer             R3 P/I  R4 P   Massively resynchronises any given application
Reveal-R             R3 P/I  R4 P/I Reveal symbolic-link's origin (PPC&INTEL)
Revenge of the mutant MIME types  R3 P/I  R4 P   finds illegal MIME types; MIME guideline included
Rip                  R3 P/I  R4 P   IP to name resolver for the BeOS
RIVA-128 Graphics Card Drivers  R3 P/I  R4 P   Drivers for RIVA-128-chipset graphics cards
RLab                 R3 P    R4 P   RLab Numerical Analysis Tool
rlogin               R3 P/I  R4 P   rlogin client (source) for BeOS
rlpr                 R3 P/I  R4 P   An lpr client with some extras
RNG                  R3 P/I  R4 P   Library of Random Number Generators
Robin Hood                   R4 P/I Free HTTP/1.1 web server for BeOS. CGI, SSI, VHs
rock                 R3 P/I  R4 P   R3 port of Marco's asteriod-field screen saver
Rocks                R3 P/I  R4 P   Flying through a polygon asteroid field...
RodgersDebugWindow library          R4   I debugging window class in library form
rogue                R3 P/I  R4 P   Rogue: the original dungeon crawler
Rogue                R3   I         BeOS port of a Terminal based game called Rogue
Rorschach            R3 P    R4 P   Watch your screen fill with ink blot patterns!
Rorschach-II         R3 P    R4 P   Watch your screen fill with colourful ink blots!
RPN Calculator               R4 P   A RPN Based Scientific Calculator
RPNCalc                      R4 P   An RPN Calculator for BeOS
rrlms                R3   I  R4   I Road Runner cable modem login client
RRlogin                             Road Runner program
RTicker                      R4   I Fetches news items from webpages and scrolls them.
Ruby                 R3 P/I  R4   I the Object-Oriented Script Language
Run                  R3 P/I  R4 P   App & Tracker add-on to run shell commands

S/Key                R3 P    R4 P   S/Key one time password generator.
Samba for BeOS       R3 P/I  R4 P   Samba's smbclient ported to BeOS
Same                 R3   I         Addictive Solitaire Game
Samhain                      R4 P   Screen saver for use with Blanket
Sans-Faute/Grammaire  R3 P    R4 P   Grammar and spelling checker in French and English
Santa's gift bag     R3 P/I  R4 P/I ColumnListView, BufferedFile, other goodies
SaveCDDA                            Allows saving of CDDA data from SCSI CD-ROMs
SB16 Intel Driver    R3   I         SB16 driver for BeOS Intel R3.x (only playback)
Scale                R3 P    R4 P   A simple scale for graphs
Scalpel              R3 P    R4 P   Able to kill any app at any time (and more).
ScannerBe            R3 P    R4 P   Flatbed scanner API
Scheduler            R3 P/I  R4 P   Scheduler for reminders, automated tasks, etc.
SchrodLab                    R4   I Schrodinger Equation Solver
Scoobe               R3 P    R4 P   a simple digital oscilloscope
Scriptable Telnet    R3 P    R4 P   Scriptable Telnet
SCSIProbe                           BeOS-bundled SCSI bus monitor
SCSItape                     R4 P   Driver for SCSI-2 streaming tape devices
SDL                  R3 P/I  R4 P   Cross-platform media library
SEAL Audio Library           R4   I SEAL Audio Library
Search               R3 P/I  R4 P   Tracker add-on searches the contents of files
SearchV2.00          R3   I         Tracker add-on for searching contents of files
SEBL                 R3 P/I  R4 P   SmallEiffel BeOS Library
Sekita Shogi 5               R4   I Sekita Shogi is a Shogi play program.
Selective                    R4 P/I Select files using wildcards.
Sensor               R3   I         Sensor with GUI for the LM78 chip.
Sensor2                      R4   I LM78 Sensor monitor
SetPerms             R3 P/I  R4 P/I GUI for changing POSIX file mode bits
SetWorkspaceCount    R3 P    R4 P   Makes it easier to set the number of Workspaces
SF Latin OK                  R4 P/I Corrected Keymap for Swiss French Keyboards
Shade                R3 P/I  R4 P   Configure WindowShade without speaking hex.
SheepShaver          R3 P    R4 P   MacOS run-time environment
ShowImage                           BeOS-bundled image display
Shreds of Better BeAPI.cc  R3 P    R4 P   working prototype of a prettier/safer BeAPI
SideTree Class Library  R3 P/I  R4 P/I displays hierarchies of Items in Side-by-Side fash
SIDPlayer            R3 P/I  R4 P   C64 SID tune player
SigWorld             R3 P/I  R4 P   Sample code mixing POSIX signals and BApplication
simple maze          R3 P    R4 P   This is a simple demo program to draw a maze.
Simple View                  R4   I Simple image viewer with preview
SimpleCalc           R3   I         A Simple Calculator for Be
SimpleSearch         R3 P    R4 P/I Search text/html, text/plain, etc. by content.
SimpleSlides                 R4   I Simple slideshow program
Sine Generator       R3 P/I  R4 P   Quad sine wave generator
SineClock            R3 P    R4 P/I a sound installation for the BeOS
sinus                        R4   I make wierd sine waves
SizeAttr             R3 P/I  R4 P/I Calculates cumulative total of attribute sizes
SJ2U                 R3 P/I  R4 P   Tracker add-ons to convert S-JIS files to UTF8.
SJ2U                 R3 P/I  R4 P/I Tracker add-ons to convert S-JIS files to UTF8
Sketch               R3 P/I  R4 P   An Etch-A-SketchÆ :)
Slang Library                R4   I Port of John Davis SLANG Library
Slayer                       R4   I A team/thread manager
Slider               R3 P    R4 P   Sliding Tile Game
Slidescreen          R3 P/I  R4 P   Slidey screen puzzle screen saver
SlideShow                    R4 P   Sequential image diplayer, like a
SLRN                 R3   I         Text based News Reader
SLRN                         R4   I Port of John Davis Newsreader
SmallEiffel          R3   I         This is a compiler for the Eiffel Language
SmartCopy            R3 P/I  R4 P/I Copy files, synchronize folders, many options.
SnapOutOfIt                  R4   I Use it to help re-arrange Icon-views.
Snazzy BeOS Icons            R4   I Creates useful icons for BeOS apps
Snips                        R4   I Resolves Windows Shortcuts
so-what              R3 P    R4 P   Tells you what shared libraries an app needs
SockHop                      R4 P/I Shared library/server for distributed BeOS apps
Solo Multi-user FTP Server          R4   I Graphical Multi-user FTP Server
Sound Blaster 16 audio driver          R4   I SB16 audio driver
Sound Blaster Pro Driver          R4   I driver for Sound Blaster Pro audio car
SoundKeeper          R3   I         non-destructive editor, efficient with large files
SoundPlay            R3 P/I  R4 P/I audio (wav, mp3, etc.) player deluxe
Space Girl           R3 P/I  R4 P   3D Realtime Space ship simulator
spackle              R3 P    R4 P   3D object Viewer
Spanish Keyboard Map  R3 P/I  R4 P   Spanish Keyboard Map
SPConv               R3 P    R4 P   SPConv is a utility to convert Spectrum Snapshots.
SpeakIt                             Turns the words you type into spoken words.
Spellswell           R3 P/I  R4 P   Spelling Checker
Spice3f4                     R4 P   Circuit simulation program
SpicyKeys                    R4 P/I Assign any app or command line to any hotkey
Spirilla             R3   I         3D spiral generator
Splook               R3 P    R4 P   A multi-platform, networkable board game.
SpookyBlanker        R3 P    R4 P   ScreenSaverModule for Blanket
SpriteTranslator             R4 P/I Translator for RiscOSSprites
SpriteWorld 2        R3 P    R4 P   Sprite animation library
squiggy              R3 P    R4 P   a real-time spectral processor
ssh                          R4 P/I Source distribution of ssh for the BeOS.
Stamina & Charisma   R3 P/I  R4 P/I Stamina & Charisma are Web offline browsing tools
StartupItems         R3 P    R4 P   Automatically launch applications on startup
StartupItems Folder  R3 P/I  R4 P   Launch apps into a particular workspace at startup
StartUpPriority              R4 P/I Defines start priority of applications in StartUp
StickIt                      R4 P/I Electronic sticky notes
Storage Kit Utilities  R3 P/I  R4 P/I Classes to make dealing with the Storage Kit easy.
Str2Num.h            R3 P/I  R4 P   A header file to convert char arrays to numbers.
StringControl        R3 P    R4 P   A BControl that makes text glow
StringExpander       R3 P    R4 P   Fractal String Rewriting program
StripChart                   R4 P/I Monitors CPU, Memory, & Paging in an histograms.
StyledEdit                          BeOS-bundled text editor
suck                                beos x86 port of suck (NNTP Grabber)
suffixes                     R4 P   Manages filenames
SuiteExplorer        R3 P/I  R4 P   SuiteExplorer let's you explore scriptable-objects
Surgeon                      R4 P/I Create and modify Person files
Surveyor             R3 P    R4 P   Warn you if your computer is off or burning.
Svensk Keymap        R3 P/I  R4 P   Corrected and expanded swedish keymap.
SWIG                 R3 P    R4 P   Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator
SymLinkDrop          R3 P/I  R4 P   Monitors and automatically fixes symlink demo
Sync Button                         Sync Button - filesystem synchronizer
Synchronizer         R3 P    R4 P   File synchronizing FTP client
SysColors                    R4   I A simple viewer of the 256 standard system colors
SysInfo              R3 P    R4 P   Calcul your CPU Dhrystones
SysR                 R3   I         tool showing many infos on your system
System Viewer        R3 P/I  R4 P/I GUI based system information utility.
SystemMeter                  R4 P/I CPU load, mem. usage, & pages/sec in the Deskbar
SystemStatus         R3   I         GUI team viewer
SyX                  R3   I  R4   I The ultimate system monitor (wannabe :)

TagWorld                     R4   I MP3 Tag & Attribute editor. (Tracker add-on)
TakViewer                    R4 P/I Catalogue-like preview supported image viewer.
TankGame             R3 P/I  R4 P   Ballistic shooting - a game classic
TAPE                 R3 P           SCSI-2 tape device driver
Tar My Attributes Up  R3 P/I  R4 P   allows saving of Attributes in tar files
TaveDesktop          R3 P/I  R4 P   Cycles your desktop color to match daylight.
Tcl                  R3 P    R4 P   Very quick port of Tcl8.0 
tcpcat                       R4   I like 
TCPSockets           R3 P    R4 P   BeOS C++ wrappers around sockets implementation
tcsh for BeOS        R3   I  R4 P/I tcsh 6.08.02 port for BeOS
TeamKiller                   R4   I Team manager with a nice GUI front end
Telnet                       R4 P   Telnet
telnet                              BeOS-bundled Telnet client
telnetd                             BeOS-bundled Telnet server
TenukiChat           R3 P/I  R4 P/I Tiny Japanese IRC client
TenukiTerm                   R4   I VT100 Telnet Client that support Japanese
TermHire             R3 P/I  R4 P   Tracker add-on that pops up a terminal
TermSet              R3 P/I  R4 P/I Retrieve alternate Terminal configs quickly.
TexEdit              R3 P    R4 P   TeX syntax-coloring text editor
text_conversion              R4 P/I converts text from/to Be's UTF-8
TextConvert                  R4   I Tracker Add-on to convert text files
TextConverter                R4   I Text File Converter
TextMessage                  R4 P/I Write/read a BMessage to a userfriendly textfile
The GSM Coders       R3   I         A GSM Encoder and Decoder
The MusicWeaver      R3 P    R4 P/I Graphical MIDI Stream Arranger
The StreamWeaver     R3 P    R4 P/I Graphic Pipes for Shell Commands
TheClock             R3 P/I  R4 P   analog/digital clock
ThinkFactory                 R4 P/I Artificial Intelligence tools
ThinkOfIt                    R4   I This is another Stick-it, Note-it application
ThinkStupid                  R4 P/I the electronic version of the famous PostIt
Thread Local Storage  R3 P    R4 P/I Library to store global datas locals to threads
Thread-Specific Data  R3 P/I  R4 P   POSIX-like thread-specific data management library
Thumbnail            R3 P/I  R4 P/I Creates thumbnails for images. App+Tracker add-on.
Tic Tac Toe          R3 P    R4 P   Simple game of Tic Tac Toe
TIDY                 R3 P    R4 P   Advisory tool for HTML and XML source code
TimeCop              R3 P    R4 P/I TimeCop logs the boot- and shutdowntime of your Be
Timelog              R3 P/I  R4 P   a working hours recording utility 
TimeTrack            R3 P/I  R4 P/I TimeTrack: track and document your time usage
Timidity                     R4 P/I Timidity, the portable software midifile player.
Tk                   R3 P    R4 P   Tk8.0 cross platform gui development
TManager             R3 P/I  R4 P/I lets you manage teams/threads/ports/sems/etc
ToolDock             R3 P    R4 P   Creates a dock for launching apps, with shortcuts
toothpick                    R4   I String-type attribute viewer/editor
top                  R3 P/I  R4 P/I a un*x like top program and a bit more...
Torus                R3 P/I  R4 P   Toroidal Surface Geometries
Towers of Benoi      R3   I  R4   I A simple 'Tower of Hanoi' game
Track                R3   I         A command line tool for the cwd in a Tracker win.
Tracker Add-on Construction Kit  R3 P/I  R4 P   Example of how to create a 'safe' Tracker add-on
Tracker Grep x86             R4 P/I Use grep from the Tracker.
Tracker Groupie              R4   I Also known as: FilterSelection
TrackerBase          R3 P/I  R4 P   Extract web sites from Tracker databases.
TrackerScript        R3 P    R4 P   Tracker addon to invoke shell scripts on files
Trash Compactor      R3 P    R4 P   Automates Trash maintenance.
trn                          R4 P/I Venerable and inscrutable threaded UNIX newsreader
Tumbla               R3 P/I  R4 P   Emailserver with support for mailinglists.
TurnOffTheLight              R4 P/I Another Tracker's add-on for doing slide show
Twang                R3 P    R4 P   Distorted guitar addon for Rack747 (and sources)
Twist                R3 P/I  R4 P   Twist Screen Saver Module for Blanket
Tyotyoito Clip               R4   I Retain Clipboard-history.
Type Cut/Copy/Paste          R4   I filetype cut/copy/paste Tracker add-ons.

UAE for BeOS R4              R4   I UAE, Unix Amiga Emulator for R4 
unarj                R3 P/I  R4 P   Unarj is a freeware decompresser for arj archives.
unarj for ELF                R4   I unarj tool for ELF
United Kingdom keymap correction  R3 P/I  R4 P/I Corrected United Kingdom keymap
UnixCalc             R3 P    R4 P/I A 52-digit expression evaluating calculator
unixtex              R3 P    R4 P/I TeX/LaTeX, web2c
Unrar for BeOS       R3 P/I  R4 P   Eugene Roshal's freeware decompressor for RAR
unrar for ELF                R4   I unrar tool for ELF
unsit-unhqx for ELF          R4   I unsit/unhqx tool for ELF
unzip                R3 P/I         unpack ZIP files; preserves BeOS file attributes
uptime                              Tells you how long your system has been up.
uptime                       R4 P/I Shows the current time & interval since booting.
Uptime client                R4 P/I Keep track of your uptime
UTFLib               R3 P    R4 P   UTF Text Processing library

VCard                R3 P    R4 P   Netscape visit card utility
ViEd                         R4 P/I Visual drag and drop GUI creator/editor
Vim-5                R3 P/I  R4 P   Very powerful text editor
Vim-5.0              R3 P    R4 P   Very powerful text editor
Visual WGet                         Visual W-Get
VNCviewer            R3 P/I  R4 P/I Port of the VNCviewer to the BeOS
Volume Control       R3   I         Volume slider that goes in the DeskBar.
VolumeControl        R3 P/I  R4   I A win95-like VolumeControl for the deskbar...
VRMLview             R3 P/I  R4 P   Viewer for 3D model files *.[wrl|3ds|dxf|cob]
VuBe                         R4   I An image viewer with folder browsing

W6                           R4   I Wargame for the BeOS
Wacom Penpartner driver          R4   I Wacom penpartner driver
Wallpaper            R3 P    R4 P   Tracker backdrop image utility
WaTor module         R3 P    R4 P   WaTor simulation as a saver module
Waver                R3 P    R4 P   A rotating, pulsating 3D surface
WaveTV               R3 P    R4 P   A TV viewer, requires a Bt848 driver/board.
Web Image            R3 P    R4 P   Graphics designer specialized for WWW images
WebEditor                    R4   I Freeware HTML 4 Editor including sources
webfolder                    R4   I Webfolder, Folder-to-Net+ proxy.
Weboardo                     R4   I Visual WebSite&documentation creator with HTML ed.
WeboardoSeek                 R4   I Search engine for HTML and source files on disks
wget                         R4 P/I A command-line tool to download from FTP and HTTP
What are you looking for in the dark?  R3 P    R4 P   Blanket screensaver module
WhatColor            R3 P    R4 P   To see what color is where is the cursor.
whois                R3 P    R4 P   A whois client.
WinBmpHandler        R3 P    R4 P   A datatype for windows DIB (.bmp) files.
WindowShade          R3 P/I         A hack to change the color of windows
winterm              R3 P/I  R4 P   A scrappy wrapper for Terminal.
Word Services Software Development Kit  R3 P/I  R4 P/I BMessage protocol for interapp spellchecking
WordWrap             R3 P    R4 P   Word wrap files, demonstrates my GUI layout code
WorkBar                      R4   I Minimal Workspaces Manager
WorkMeister                  R4   I Lets Workspaces accept first click + no border.
WorkspaceSwitcher            R4   I Tool to switch workspaces and activate Deskbar.
Wormgame             R3   I         The classic wormgame for BeOS.
wsi-saver-grab-bag.0.8  R3 P    R4 P   8 Blanket compatible screen savers
wsnote                       R4 P/I A floating workspace-number indicator.
wumpus                       R4   I Hunt the Wumpus!

X-Converter                  R4   I Want to speak the Linux language?
X11R6.3 clients and libraries  R3 P    R4 P   X-windows Release 6.3 clients/libaries
X11R6.3 contrib clients  R3 P    R4 P   X-windows contributed clients
X11R6.3 server for BeOS  R3 P    R4 P   
XaoS                 R3 P    R4 P   Port of the XaoS real-time fractal zoomer.
Xaos (X-windows version)  R3 P    R4 P   Xaos fractal zoom for X-windows
xBaseR4              R3   I  R4   I xBase for BeOS R4 (intel version)
xbin                 R3 P    R4 P   Decodes BinHex files
XBlast                              A BeOS port of the great bomberman-like X11 game
XCalc                R3   I  R4   I Scientific calculator under the Shell
XCV                          R4 P/I Tracker add-ons to cut/copy/paste files or folders
xdaliclock for BeOS X11  R3 P    R4 P   x11 version of the App DaliClock, requires remote machine running X11 or local X server. 
Xenia                R3 P    R4 P   Vertically scrolling shoot'em up
xicon                R3 P/I  R4 P   Runs shell script from icon in Terminal with args
xkeycaps for BeOS X11  R3 P    R4 P   xkeycpaps keyboard test utility
xless for BeOS X11   R3 P    R4 P   xless file viewer for BeOS X11
xpdf                         R4 P   PDF reader
XPMTranslator        R3 P/I  R4 P   Datatypes (Translator Kit) handler for XPM images
XRoger               R3 P    R4 P   Watch your screen fill with the Jolly Roger!
XScreenSaver Modules          R4 P/I Funky screen savers ported from xscreensaver
XV (X-windows version)  R3 P    R4 P   XV image display/coversion for X-windows

YATE                 R3 P    R4 P/I Smooth Scrolling Text/Code/HTML Editor.
Yesh!                R3 P    R4 P   Yesh!  add-on makes all your decisions for you!
YMLaunch             R3 P/I  R4 P   Launches applications by MIME signature

zip                  R3 P/I  R4 P   Create zip archives; preserves file attributes
zip100                       R4   I zip100 parallel zip drive driver
ZipMe add-on         R3 P/I  R4 P/I Tracker add-on to easily zip files or directories
zlib                 R3 P/I  R4 P   zlib port for BeOS
Zorkword             R3 P    R4 P   Zorkword -- an Infocom(tm) game vocabulary dumper.
ZXTranslator         R3 P/I  R4 P   ZX Spectrum SCREEN$ translator add-on

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