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Robin Hood


Version: 1.0b
By: Joe Kloss
E-mail: axly@deltanet.com
Web page: Available
Release Date: Available Now
Info Last Modified: 4/26/99
Requires BeOS version: R4 PPC, R4 Intel
License: Freeware
Cost: 0
Source Available?: Yes

R4-PPC Download / alt. (115 kb)

R4-Intel Download / alt. (115 kb)


Robin Hood is a free HTTP/1.1 web server for BeOS. It is an original work
designed from the ground-up for BeOS; it contains no ported code.
* HTTP/1.1 Compliant
* All requests are handled by dynamically loaded add-on modules. Modules are
invoked by MIME type.
  + File Handler - File transfer.
  + CGI Handler - Invokes CGI scripts.
  + SSI Handler - Process Server Side Includes.
  + Directory Handler - Displays directory listings with Tracker icons.
  + Redirect Handler - Redirection of resources.
  + 404 Handler - Custom "404 File Not Found" generator.
* Virtual Hosts support.
* Virtual Resources.
* Supports bytes-ranges
* Multiport capacity.
* Open source code. Covered by GPL.
* Basic Authenticaton support.
  + User defined Realms.
  + Uses file permissions to control access.
* CGI Support - As specified in the CGI 1.1 Internet-Draft 01 
  + Supports Parsed Header Output as well as Non-Parsed Header Output. 
  + Works with shell scripts, Perl, and compiled CGIs. 
  + Full CGI environment variable support. 
* SSI Support 
  + Supports: config, include, echo, fsize, flastmod, and exec.
  + Recursive SSI support.
* Supports If-Modified-Since and If-Unmodified headers. 
* Can automatically send gzip encoded files when the request permits gzip 

Mirror Download Sites:
Mirror Name R4-PPC R4-Intel
Be Europe Mirror PPC Intel
Austria Mirror PPC Intel
Australia Mirror PPC Intel
Germany Mirror (UUNet) PPC Intel
Japan Mirror #1 PPC Intel
Japan Mirror #2 (Nagoya) PPC Intel
UK Mirror PPC Intel
US Mirror #1 (UIUC) PPC Intel
US Mirror #2 (cdrom.com) PPC Intel

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