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Product Information.

e-Picture Pro and the e-Picture Imager make graphics design, creation and updating far easier than ever before. For the first time, this duo gives you the ability to create web graphics, add them to your FrontPage web, then clone and edit them on the spot - without switching back and forth between your graphics application and FrontPage.

e-Picture Pro
e-Picture Pro is the all-in-one graphics and animation design tool for people that are serious about improving the look and feel of their web sites. If you create web graphics for personal or business use, or you just have the desire to see how easy creating animated GIF and Flash files can be, e-Picture Pro is the graphics application for you.

With e-Picture Pro, you can:

  • Design complete, professional web graphics that include natural motion and whose elements are always editable.
  • Import a wide variety of digital photo and other graphics formats including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Incorporate and animate 3D text and 3D models to provide a truly unique look.
  • Output to any popular web graphics format including JPEG, animated GIF, and Flash, and add these graphics directly to your FrontPage, Dreamweaver and GoLive web pages.

e-Picture Imager
The e-Picture Imager is specialized Microsoft FrontPage add-in that allows you to clone and customize e-Picture Pro graphics right from within FrontPage. With the e-Picture Imager, tasks like building a complete and functional navigation bar starting with only a single animated rollover button is a snap. And you never have to leave the comfort of FrontPage to do it.

With the e-Picture Imager you can:

  • Add and customize animations and rollovers directly within FrontPage with a few mouse clicks.
  • Edit original e-Picture Pro graphics and have your changes automatically reflected in every graphic cloned from the original
  • Take advantage of rollover buttons without worrying about the behind the scenes Javascript code needed to make it all work - the e-Picture Imager takes care of this for you.

Click here to see the e-Picture Imager in action.

Click here to learn how to create and edit e-Picture Imager graphics.

Click here to learn the nuts and bolts of using the e-Picture Imager in FrontPage.

April 2003
e-Picture 3.0 Wins CoolTool Award.

"Your new e-Picture Pro is a sweet piece of work, by the way... the fact that I generally work in FrontPage makes it amazing. The integration means that I no longer have to go in and out of FrontPage while updating or completing jobs - Thank you!"
Frances Stewart
- Editor - Anyfrontpage

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