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Version: 2.01
By: Kenny Carruthers
E-mail: kenny@cs.ubishops.ca
Web page: Available
Release Date: Available Now
Info Last Modified: 9/15/98
Requires BeOS version: R4 PPC, R3 PPC, R3 Intel
License: Freeware
Cost: 0.00
Source Available?: Yes

R3-PPC Download (30k kb)
R4-PPC Download (30k kb)

R3-Intel Download (30k kb)


BeEQ is a pseudo graphical equalizer for BeOS. Pseudo in that it 
doesn't actually let you modify the frequencies, it just displays 
them. Full color support for all components of the display. roColor 
drag-and-drop is also supported. It's replicable. Play with the 
gravity and the mass of the sustain bars for some funky effects. BeEQ 
makes a great demo. Source code is available upon request. Version 2.0 
introduces Intel support. (Note: Versions 1.6 and 2.0 for PPC are 

** 2.01 - Includes bug fixes by Marc Schefer concerning replicants **

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