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Version: 1.1
By: Ben Burdette
E-mail: bburdette@knology.net
Web page: Available
Release Date: Available Now
Info Last Modified: 3/29/99
Requires BeOS version: R4 PPC, R4 Intel
License: Freeware
Cost: 0$
Source Available?: No

R4-PPC Download (413K kb)

R4-Intel Download (413K kb)


This game is sorta like asteroids, except in 3d. 
In the old asteroids you could go off the edge of the screen, emerging on the 
other side. 
In this version, you are limited to the interior of a cube.  Instead of being 
teleported to the other side of the cube when you come to an edge, you just 
bounce off.  Kind of like Pong.  Thus the name, Pongeroids.  
The 'asteroids' bounce off each other too, instead of going through each other. 
You start off trapped in the cube with one or two asteroids.  Destroy them and 
more appear - or maybe just bigger ones.  Destroy that round and yet more 
Besides your trusty cube gun, your asteroid blasting craft is equipped with a 
shield device.  It will protect you against a limited number of collisions with 
asteroids.  The more severe the collision, the more it is depleted. 
About 1 out of 20 pongeroids is colored blue; these blue ones are your source 
of shield replenishment.  They gradually shrink and disappear, so don't wait 
around too long to grab one.  They contain shield manna according to their 

**** new for version 1.1 ****
- much improved sound.  Also, the sound code should now be compatable with BeOS 
R4.1, whereas version 1.0 of Pongeroids! was not.
- window configs are saved and restored in a more graceful fashion.
- keyboard config now actually works; you can save and restore your keyboard 
- for you performance fanatics out there, a framerate counter.  More is better.

Mirror Download Sites:
Mirror Name R4-PPC R4-Intel
Be Europe Mirror PPC Intel
Austria Mirror PPC Intel
Australia Mirror PPC Intel
Germany Mirror (UUNet) PPC Intel
Japan Mirror #1 PPC Intel
Japan Mirror #2 (Nagoya) PPC Intel
UK Mirror PPC Intel
US Mirror #1 (UIUC) PPC Intel
US Mirror #2 (cdrom.com) PPC Intel

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