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104 Keyboard fix     R3 P/I  R4 P   Map Right Control key *back* to Right Control!
3D Starchart         R3 P/I  R4 P/I Renders a 3D atlas of all stars withing 25 parsecs
allPossibleImages    R3 P/I  R4 P/I allPossibleImages - an installation for the BeOS
ap2inf               R3 P    R4 P   Quick port of ap2inf for BeOS
bash                 R3 P/I  R4 P   Bourne Again Shell
BeBeeb               R3   I         A BBC Micro emulator
BeCheckPoint         R3 P/I  R4 P   BeCheckPoint is a login type application
BeCypher                            Commutative cypher tool
BeDaliClock          R3 P/I  R4 P   Melting Digit Clock (replicant enabled!)
BeEyes               R3 P    R4 P   A mouse locator, akin to XEyes, but cooler
BeFootguy            R3 P    R4 P   Nearly Useless Entertainment
Behaviour            R3 P/I  R4 P   Behaviour is a mechanics simulator.
Belgian keyboard map  R3   I         A better keyboard map for belgian keyboards
BePi                                Pi Calculator
BeSieve              R3 P    R4 P   Sieve benchmark for BeOS
BeZX                 R3 P/I  R4 P   Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator for BeOS.
Bovine RC5 client    R3 P    R4 P   BeOS GUI port of the Bovine RC5 client software
Braininabox                         A neural network server
BrownianWalks        R3 P    R4 P   Presents a window with a colourful brownian walk.
bsd-man              R3 P    R4 P   Port of OpenBSD "man" command to BeOS
Calendar             R3 P/I  R4 P/I Displays a calendar on screen.
CalendarJ            R3 P/I  R4 P/I Displays a calendar on screen in Japanese.
clavier              R3 P    R4 P   French keymap for Apple Extended keyboard II
Cluster              R3 P    R4 P   Searching for clusters with fuzzy-algorithm in 2-D
Code10               R3 P    R4 P   Sketch of interface for relational database
Conway               R3 P/I  R4 P   Another version of Conway's Game of Life   
CookingTimer         R3 P/I  R4 P/I A very simple timer program to count down
cputime              R3 P/I  R4 P   Shows current CPU-load in a *SMALL* window
crypto                       R4 P/I Cryptogram Solver
Danish PC Keymap.pkg  R3   I         A danish pc compatible keyboard map
DeskbAct                     R4 P/I Pops the DeskBar and Workspaces to the front.
DictUser             R3 P/I  R4 P   GUI frontend -- /boot/.../goodies/dictionary
Dvorak-plus          R3 P    R4 P   Improved Dvorak keymap
Electronic BizCardz  R3   I         Change your business card.
EroGappa             R3 P/I  R4 P   A simple demo application of Game Kit
FAMe_Accounting              R4   I Home accounting manager.
French Canadian Keymap          R4 P/I french canadian keymap
Frodo                R3 P/I  R4 P   C64 emulator
Frodo R4x86                  R4   I Commodore 64 emulator
German PC Keyboard Map  R3 P/I  R4 P   A german pc compatible keyboard map
Gil                  R3 P    R4 P   Reconstructs the password file from a shadow
GravitySim           R3 P    R4 P   Gravity Simulator
Keymap Apple German  R3 P    R4 P   German keymap for Apple keyboards
Lexicon              R3 P/I  R4 P/I GUI dictionary front end
Loan Analysis                       Simple Loan Analysis
LookUp               R3 P    R4 P   Look up words, area and zip codes, and more!
man                                 This is the famous UNIX Manual
MegaDemo IV 2                       The first "scene" demo for BeOS from ArtWork
Microsoft Truetype Fonts (Newfonts Set)  R3 P    R4 P   Free fonts from Microsoft with BeOS installer.
Mount CDDA                   R4 P/I un/mount script for CDDA-fs addon w/install script
MrThermistor         R3 P    R4 P   Use your BeBox GeekPort to measure temperature!
MuTerminal                   R4 P/I Terminal emulator that is supported multilingual.
NorKey               R3 P/I  R4 P/I Keybord map for norwegian keybords
Open Bernie          R3 P    R4 P/I Apple IIgs emulator
Periodic Table       R3 P/I  R4 P   An Interactive Periodic Table
Probe Master         R3 P    R4 P   SPM controlling program
Process_History                     Industrial Process Data History System
PullUp               R3 P/I  R4 P/I PullUp is Deskbar Activater.
PulseBox                            device driver for the PulseBox hardware
ramdrive_icons       R3 P    R4 P   icons for the sample ramdrive device
SchrodLab                    R4   I Schrodinger Equation Solver
SF Latin OK                  R4 P/I Corrected Keymap for Swiss French Keyboards
SheepShaver          R3 P    R4 P   MacOS run-time environment
simple maze          R3 P    R4 P   This is a simple demo program to draw a maze.
SineClock            R3 P    R4 P/I a sound installation for the BeOS
Spanish Keyboard Map  R3 P/I  R4 P   Spanish Keyboard Map
SpeakIt                             Turns the words you type into spoken words.
Spice3f4                     R4 P   Circuit simulation program
SysInfo              R3 P    R4 P   Calcul your CPU Dhrystones
TaveDesktop          R3 P/I  R4 P   Cycles your desktop color to match daylight.
tcsh for BeOS        R3   I  R4 P/I tcsh 6.08.02 port for BeOS
TheClock             R3 P/I  R4 P   analog/digital clock
ThinkFactory                 R4 P/I Artificial Intelligence tools
TIDY                 R3 P    R4 P   Advisory tool for HTML and XML source code
TimeTrack            R3 P/I  R4 P/I TimeTrack: track and document your time usage
Torus                R3 P/I  R4 P   Toroidal Surface Geometries
UAE for BeOS R4              R4   I UAE, Unix Amiga Emulator for R4 
X11R6.3 contrib clients  R3 P    R4 P   X-windows contributed clients
Xaos (X-windows version)  R3 P    R4 P   Xaos fractal zoom for X-windows
XV (X-windows version)  R3 P    R4 P   XV image display/coversion for X-windows

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