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Version: 1.00
By: Jeremy Friesner
E-mail: jfriesne@ucsd.edu
Web page: Available
Release Date: Available Now
Info Last Modified: 1/25/99
Requires BeOS version: R4 PPC, R4 Intel
License: Freeware
Cost: 0
Source Available?: Yes

R4-PPC Download (75 kb)

R4-Intel Download (75 kb)


BartLauncher is a program to help you find and launch your files faster.  All
you have to do is type in the first few letters of the file you are looking
for, and Bart will try to complete the rest for you.  If you've ever typed a
URL into Netscape or Internet Explorer, you probably know what I'm talking


- Continuously-updated list of possible matches displayed at all times
- Searching can be constrained to certain volumes or MIME types
- Launched programs are marked so that they will be displayed first next time
- Works as a replicant
- Candidate list can be sorted by MIME type, path, or file name
- Allows entry of command-line arguments

Mirror Download Sites:
Mirror Name R4-PPC R4-Intel
Be Europe Mirror PPC Intel
Austria Mirror PPC Intel
Australia Mirror PPC Intel
Germany Mirror (UUNet) PPC Intel
Japan Mirror #1 PPC Intel
Japan Mirror #2 (Nagoya) PPC Intel
UK Mirror PPC Intel
US Mirror #1 (UIUC) PPC Intel
US Mirror #2 (cdrom.com) PPC Intel

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