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ACSLogo              R3 P    R4 P   Logo Language Interpreter
BeOberon                            Enhanced Oberon-2 Compiler with BeOS Classes
BePerl v4.8.2        R3 P    R4 P   Perl v4
BeProlog                     R4   I Prolog Interpreter
GNU Pascal (GPC)             R4   I Port of GNU Pascal 2.1
Guile (unoffical port)  R3 P    R4 P   A portable, embeddable & scripting Scheme from FSF
heymodule            R3 P    R4 P/I Add BeOS Application Scripting to Python
heymodule + Python package  R3 P    R4 P   BeOS Application Scripting module plus Python
Hope                 R3 P    R4 P   Lazy interpretor for the functional language Hope
HU-Prolog            R3   I         A Prolog Interpreter
Inform               R3 P/I  R4 P   A compiler for interactive fiction
nasm                         R4   I free portable x86 Assembler
objc                 R3 P    R4 P/I Portable Object Compiler and class libraries.
Optimizing Oberon-2 Compiler  R3 P    R4 P/I Optimizing Oberon-2 compiler with ANSI-C output
perl5-dc             R3 P    R4   I perl5 for the BeOS
PPC Oberon-2 Compiler  R3 P    R4 P   PPC Oberon-2 native code compiler
Python               R3 P    R4 P   Excellent dynamic OOP scripting/programming lang.
Python (diffs for BeOS)  R3 P    R4 P   Diffs for building your own Python for BeOS
Ruby                 R3 P/I  R4   I the Object-Oriented Script Language
SmallEiffel          R3   I         This is a compiler for the Eiffel Language
Tcl                  R3 P    R4 P   Very quick port of Tcl8.0 
Tk                   R3 P    R4 P   Tk8.0 cross platform gui development

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