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Version: 5.005_03/5.005_01
By: Tom Spindler
E-mail: dogcow@isi.net
Web page: Available
Release Date: Available Now
Info Last Modified: 4/23/99
Requires BeOS version: R3 PPC, R4 Intel
License: Freeware
Source Available?: Yes

R3-PPC Download (2900 kb)

R4-Intel Download (2900 kb)


perl5 for BeOS.

Larry Wall's language to do everything under the sun, and more.
Find out more about perl at http://www.perl.com/perl/ .

R4 x86 5.00503release now has dynamic loading (and compiling) of
modules - this means you can compile your own modules without
recompiling the perl source. (`cpan` and then 'i' is how you see what
modules are availible. There's an awful lot of 'em.)

Also, the perl source (availible from
http://www.perl.com/CPAN/src/latest.tgz) compiles (almost) without
intervention, if you read README.beos.

R4 PPC will have a new version once I recover my BeBox's disk. (use
the R3 release until then.)

none of the versions of perl support Errno or sockets.

All right, I lied. the PPC version up there is for R3 and is old,
because I've just not had enough time lately to fire up the BeBox and
compile on it.

Mirror Download Sites:
Mirror Name R3-PPC R4-Intel
Be Europe Mirror PPC Intel
Austria Mirror PPC Intel
Australia Mirror PPC Intel
Germany Mirror (UUNet) PPC Intel
Japan Mirror #1 PPC Intel
Japan Mirror #2 (Nagoya) PPC Intel
UK Mirror PPC Intel
US Mirror #1 (UIUC) PPC Intel
US Mirror #2 (cdrom.com) PPC Intel

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