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Affrus: An OS X Perl IDE
An OS X Perl IDE.


This Week on Perl 6, Week Ending 2004-05-09
News up to 2004-05-09.

Using Shared Memory from PHP
Share information between processes.


Building Testing Libraries
Save time, test more, and use what the CPAN has made available to enhance your development. Casey West demonstrates examples of good techniques when testing Perl-based software. [Perl.com]

This Week on Perl 6, Week Ending 2004-05-02
The internals list mulls over strings and multi-method dispatch, while Apocalypse 12 continues to intrigue and entertain the language list. [Perl.com]

Open Source in Africa
Open source software is good for the developing world. Not only is the price often right, but the openness offers nascent developers the chance to learn from their peers despite geographic and cultural distances. Kwindla Hultman Kramer recently attended the Africa Source conference, a gathering of free and open source software developers and fans. Here are his thoughts. [ONLamp.com]

Automated Web Photo Galleries with iPhoto and Perl
If iPhoto is working nicely as your digital shoebox, but you want to automate the process of creating web galleries for your own server, here's a nifty setup using Sendmail, MySQL, and Perl. Mike Schienle, who specializes in task automation for a living, shows you the system he designed for his wife, who is an avid photographer. [MacDevCenter.com]

Rapid Web Application Deployment with Maypole : Part 2
We use Maypole to turn last week's product catalogue into a complete web commerce application. [Perl.com]

This Week on Perl 6, Week Ending 2004-04-25
Now that Apocalypse 12 is out, what do the Perl 6 developers think about it? Piers has all the details... [Perl.com]

Profiling LAMP Applications with Apache's Blackbox Logs
Benchmarking LAMP sites can be tricky; how do you know which pages or applications need tuning? Fortunately, you can easily tune your Apache logs to provide more useful profiling information. Chris Josephes explains a Blackbox log format for Apache httpd. [ONLamp.com]

This Fortnight on Perl 6, Weeks Ending 2004-04-18
Parrot gains the beginnings of some Unicode support, causing much fallout; meanwhile, there's a fight over who gets the backtick operator, and what Perl 6 does to recognize and run Perl 5 code. [Perl.com]

Rapid Web Application Deployment with Maypole
Maypole is a framework for creating web applications; Simon Cozens explains how to set up database-backed applications extremely rapidly. [Perl.com]

Building a Parrot Compiler
Parrot, the virtual machine for Perl 6, is not just for Perl 6 anymore. It's a surprisingly high-level, high-performance target for all sorts of languages. Dan Sugalski demonstrates Parrot's capabilities by building a compiler for a simple, yet business-critical, 4GL. Dan is a coauthor of Perl 6 Essentials. [ONLamp.com]

Apocalypse 12
Larry Wall explains how objects and classes are to work in Perl 6. [Perl.com]

Using Bloom Filters
Perl hashes make set membership easy at the cost of memory usage. A lesser-known technique, Bloom filters, trades a tunable false-positive rate for compactness -- and has interesting applications for privacy concerns. Maciej Ceglowski explains the theory and practice of Bloom filters. [Perl.com]

Data Mining Email
Thousands of useful facts lie inaccessible on your hard drive, hidden within email messages and attachments. How much more productive would you be if you could extract, index, and search that information? Robert Bernier demonstrates how to store data from emails into a database, where you can use data-mining techniques to analyze it. [ONLamp.com]

This week on Perl 6, week ending 2004-04-04
This week, the vexed question of how assignment should work returns, and Piers tries to make sense of continuations; meanwhile, the language list comes alive on the first of April... [Perl.com]

Photo Galleries with Mason and Imager
One of the major problems with the plethora of photo gallery software available is that very few of them integrate well with existing sites. Casey West comes up with a new approach using Imager and Mason to fit in with Mason sites. [Perl.com]

This week on Perl 6, week ending 2004-03-28
The language list is relatively quiet, but the Parrot implementors are haunted by continuations this week. Piers has the full story. [Perl.com]

Cookie Specification Vulnerabilities
For years, privacy-minded people have distrusted cookies in web browsers. While recent advances have improved privacy concerns, the specification leaves room for easy attacks. Alexander Prohorenko explains the situation and tests several recent browsers. Is it time for a new cookie specification? [ONLamp.com]

Eleven Metrics to Monitor for a Happy and Healthy Squid
Duane Wessels offers 11 tips to help you stay on top of Squid's performance. If you follow this advice, you should be able to discover problems before your users begin calling you to complain. Duane is the creator of Squid and the author of Squid: The Definitive Guide. [ONLamp.com]

Making Dictionaries with Perl
Sean Burke is a linguist who helps save dying languages by creating dictionaries for them. He shows us how he uses Perl to layout and print these dictionaries. [Perl.com]

This week on Perl 6, week ending 2004-03-21
Concerns about embedding and a new release of Tcl on Parrot occupy the internals mailing list, while the language list experiences some surprise about changes to the hash subscriptor syntax. [Perl.com]

Synopsis 3
In this synopsis, Luke Palmer provides us with an updated view of Perl 6's operators. [Perl.com]

This week on Perl 6, week ending 2004-03-14
Benchmarks, Ponie and even Ruby drive on Parrot development this week, while the language team discuss methods that mutate their objects and properties that call actions on variables. [Perl.com]

Simple IO Handling with IO::All
Perl module author extraordinaire Brian Ingerson demonstrates his latest creation. IO::All ties together almost all of Perl's IO handling libraries in one neat, cohesive package. [Perl.com]

This week on Perl 6, week ending 2004-03-07
Work on objects for Parrot continues, while the perl6-internals list gets dragged into a discussion about date/time handling; the & multimatching operator appears, and a question about detecting undefined subs on the language list. [Perl.com]

Distributed Version Control with svk
What started off for Chia-liang Kao as a wrapper around the Subversion version control system rapidly turned into a fully-fledged distributed VCS itself -- all, of course, in Perl. [Perl.com]


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Jono Bacon Jono Bacon's Weblog
The system, man Red tape is a burden of the corporate world, but the free software community seems to be suffering similar problems. Is a more pragmatic approach the best way of avoiding getting swallowed by the system?

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