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3c509                R3   I  R4   I Driver for 3com 509 Ethernet cards
3c509b w/ Setup              R4   I A new 3c509 driver with net_server add-on!
Alliance ProMotion Display Driver  R3   I  R4   I Alliance ProMotion Display Driver
AT25/AT3DDisplayDriver  R3   I         Alliance ProMotion Display Driver
ATI Graphics Card Drivers  R3 P    R4 P   Drivers for ATI 3DRage-chipset graphics cards
CDDA Driver          R3 P           Device driver for CDDA over SCSI + audio playback
dev_server           R3 P    R4 P   Interface between kernel add-ons and other worlds.
Ensoniq es1370 driver          R4   I Ensoniq AudioPCI ES1370 driver for R4
EPSON Stylus         R3 P/I  R4 P   Epson Stylus Color Printer driver
es1370               R3   I         Ensoniq AudioPCI ES1370 sound card driver.
es1371                       R4   I ES1371-based PCM audio driver (NOT ES1370)
ES1879 Driver                R4   I Sound Card driver for the ESS 1879
GemTekRadio                  R4   I driver for GemTek chipset card
HP Deskjet Printer Driver  R3 P/I  R4 P   HP Deskjet Printer Driver
Intuos                       R4   I Wacom Intuos tablet driver
ioport               R3   I         I/O port driver for geek!
lm78                 R3   I         LM78 sensor driver
NewsRadio                    R4   I RadioTrack II driver for Intel R4
PC Card Enabler              R4   I Enabler for modem and Ethernet PC Cards
Physical Memory Driver          R4 P/I UNIX /dev/mem for BeOS
Pinnacle-Fiji Driver  R3   I  R4   I Driver for Turtle Beach Pinnacle/Fiji soundcards
ptape                        R4 P/I SCSI-2 tape device driver
RadioTrack           R3   I         RadioTrack card driver
RIVA-128 Graphics Card Drivers  R3 P/I  R4 P   Drivers for RIVA-128-chipset graphics cards
SB16 Intel Driver    R3   I         SB16 driver for BeOS Intel R3.x (only playback)
SCSItape                     R4 P   Driver for SCSI-2 streaming tape devices
Sound Blaster 16 audio driver          R4   I SB16 audio driver
Sound Blaster Pro Driver          R4   I driver for Sound Blaster Pro audio car
TAPE                 R3 P           SCSI-2 tape device driver
Wacom Penpartner driver          R4   I Wacom penpartner driver
zip100                       R4   I zip100 parallel zip drive driver

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