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BeOS Software Updates


The current major version of the BeOS for Intel- and PowerPC-based platforms is the BeOS Release 4. BeOS Release 4 is available on a single CD covering both Intel and PowerPC platforms. The many ways you can obtain the BeOS are outlined elsewhere, on the BeOS Now! page.

From time to time Be makes available updates to released software and makes them available for downloading. This page lists the software updates available for the current releases of our software. Each update listed below provides complete installation instructions and links to the update file(s).

This page was last updated on March 29, 1999.

BeOS Updates

The current version of the BeOS for all supported platforms is BeOS Release 4. If you are using any previous release of the BeOS, you should upgrade to Release 4. The BeOS Now! page has all the details.


BeOS Release 4 System Updates

There are no updates to the core operating system at this time.


BeOS Release 4 Application Updates

The following updates provide fixes or new functionality in various BeOS Release 4 applications. Some of this software is considered "in development", but should pose little danger to your system.


Additional BeOS Release 4 Hardware Drivers

There are no additional hardware drivers at this time.

Updates to Obsolete and Unsupported Software

Although we no longer provide full support for previous releases of the BeOS, as a convenience for our customers, here are updates to obsolete versions of the BeOS:

BeOS Release 3.2 Updater (updates Release 3 or 3.1 to Release 3.2)

To enhance the usability and correct minor bugs, Be has created two Updates to the BeOS Release 3. If you are using BeOS Release 3 or 3.1, you should update to Release 3.2 (it's free!).

Additional BeOS Release 3.x Hardware Drivers

The BeOS Release 3.2 provided support for a modest range of hardware. Some additional drivers were released online, and can be found here.

VERY IMPORTANT: The drivers made available here were considered "pre-release" or "experimental" versions. They are unsupported drivers for a no-longer supported version of the BeOS. You should exercise caution when installing and using any of these drivers.


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