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Abuse 2.0            R3 P/I  R4 P/I Abuse 2.03 for BeOS R3.2
AI Tic Tac Toe       R3   I         AI programmed to never lose, with commented source
Amylaar LPMud        R3 P    R4 P   Amylaar LPMud Gamedriver
Angband                      R4   I classic terminal adventure game
Atoms                R3   I  R4   I A game for up to 7 players
Axia                 R3 P/I  R4 P/I Space ship shoot-em-up action game
Battalion            R3 P/I  R4 P   Monsters, explosions, destruction.
BD4                          R4   I Wil's classic BoulderDash game.
be_asteroids         R3 P    R4 P   Asteroids clone 
Be na Life                   R4   I Game of Life with a few customizable options.
Be VGB PR            R3 P    R4 P   Gameboy emulator
BeBreakout                   R4 P/I BeBreakout is an Arkanoid/Breakout clone
BeChess3D            R3 P    R4 P   This is a chess game with a 3D interface
BeColumns                    R4 P/I A clone of Columns (the falling blocks game)
BeFrotz              R3 P    R4 P   Infocom games interpreter
Behtzee                      R4   I A Yahtzee clone
BeInsane                     R4 P/I An Insane Game (puzzle/action) clone
BeJZip                       R4   I Graphical Infocom interpreter
BeMAME               R3 P    R4 P   A port of MAME to the BeOS
BeNibblix                    R4 P/I A Nibbles-clone for BeOS
BePac Deluxe         R3 P/I  R4 P   The best MacOS Pacman clone ported to the BeOS!
BePatience           R3   I  R4   I Patience/Solitaire/Klondike game for BeOS
BEpMARS              R3   I  R4   I BEpMARS Corewar simulator for BeOS Intel R4
BeSokoban                    R4 P/I A Sokoban ( aka "Boxes" ) clone
BeSol                R3 P/I  R4 P/I Users can easily create many games of solitaire
Betris               R3 P    R4 P   Tetris.
BeVGB PR             R3 P    R4 P   GameBoy emulation
BJongg               R3 P/I  R4 P/I Mah Jongg solitaire, PPC/x86 native
Bong                 R3 P    R4 P   BeOS version of the arcade classic Pong
Connect 4            R3 P    R4 P   A game of Connect 4
Critical Mass        R3 P    R4 P   Set off chain reactions & blow things up!
Daleks                       R4 P/I Strategy game of 'dodge the robots'
Dark Corona PEGASUS  R3 P/I  R4 P/I scrolling action arcade game
Desdemona            R3 P    R4 P   Othello for the BeOS
DOOM                 R3 P/I  R4 P   Classic first-person 3-D shoot'em'up adventure
Doom!                R3 P/I  R4 P/I Full-screen Doom 1.9 for BeOS
DOOM (update)        R3 P/I  R4 P   Classic first-person 3-D shoot'em'up adventure
DynaMate             R3 P    R4 P/I Puzzlegame
Enemy Territory              R4 P   Strategy Game
Filler                       R4   I Strategy and logic game
Florus               R3 P    R4 P   a reflexion game on a chessboard
frotz                R3 P/I  R4 P   Frotz 2.32: Infocom game interpreter
Get A Clue           R3 P    R4 P   A networked version of the board-game, Clue.
Hammurabi            R3 P/I  R4 P/I Kingdom management game.
HyperTTT             R3 P/I  R4 P   tic-tac-toe with 0-2 players in up to 6 dimensions
Joker                R3 P    R4 P   Amusing term program.
klix                         R4   I klix is just a small puzzle-game, but its fun!
LDMud                R3 P    R4 P/I LPMud Gamedriver, based on Amylaar LPMud
Magnetic             R3 P    R4 P   Magnetic Scrolls interpreter
Mille Bornes Deluxe  R3   I         A french card game for the BeOS
MineSweeper          R3 P/I  R4 P   The classic game of MineSweeper
Morpion                      R4 P/I A Simple solitaire
NAndC                R3   I  R4 P/I Noughts and Crosses game
Nerdkill             R3 P/I  R4 P/I A blast-all-these-nerds game
PegS                 R3 P    R4 P   Peg Solitaire Game
Poker                R3 P    R4 P   A video poker game
Pongeroids!                  R4 P/I Blast 3d polygonal asteroids into submission.
Quadro Preview Release          R4   I A connect 4 clone preview with skins & AI
Replicat                     R4 P/I Neko for BeOS. Every OS has to have neko.
rogue                R3 P/I  R4 P   Rogue: the original dungeon crawler
Rogue                R3   I         BeOS port of a Terminal based game called Rogue
Same                 R3   I         Addictive Solitaire Game
Sekita Shogi 5               R4   I Sekita Shogi is a Shogi play program.
Slider               R3 P    R4 P   Sliding Tile Game
Space Girl           R3 P/I  R4 P   3D Realtime Space ship simulator
Splook               R3 P    R4 P   A multi-platform, networkable board game.
TankGame             R3 P/I  R4 P   Ballistic shooting - a game classic
Tic Tac Toe          R3 P    R4 P   Simple game of Tic Tac Toe
Towers of Benoi      R3   I  R4   I A simple 'Tower of Hanoi' game
W6                           R4   I Wargame for the BeOS
Wormgame             R3   I         The classic wormgame for BeOS.
wumpus                       R4   I Hunt the Wumpus!
XBlast                              A BeOS port of the great bomberman-like X11 game
Xenia                R3 P    R4 P   Vertically scrolling shoot'em up
Zorkword             R3 P    R4 P   Zorkword -- an Infocom(tm) game vocabulary dumper.

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