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Important Info: For the Intel version of BeOS Release 4 and beyond we have switched to the ELF binary format and EGCS tools. Please read this important information about The Switch.

Be Developer Program
The Be Developer Program provides Be developers with both technical and marketing resources. Find out how Be partners with developers throughout the development process, up to the moment you bring your product to market.

Be Developer Program Sign-up
Join the Be Developer Program today!

Registered Developer Area
Exclusively for registered Be Developers. From here you can modify your Developer Record, access the Bug Database, upload and modify BeWare submissions to the Be FTP site, Contact Be Evangelists, submit topics for the Be Newsletter, and send Classifieds to the Be Newsletter.

Developer Library
Tools and resources for writing applications for the BeOS. You can peruse the Bug Database, get Sample Code, and find other information in the form of Tutorials, indexed Newsletter Articles, and Be Developers Conference Transcripts.

Developer News and Events
Keep up with the latest news about Be Developers, including articles, reviews, and press releases. You'll also find a calendar of upcoming events for Be Developers.

Be Developer Spotlight
Want to know more about Be developers? Each month, the Be Developer Spotlight focuses on a different Be developer and gives you an in-depth look at the wide range of companies developing for the BeOS.


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