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Ship It! -- Bringing your product to Market
Intro -- Information for first-time BeOS programmers

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The Be Book
The Be Book, the complete programmer's reference to the BeOS API, is available on-line. It is also available in printed form as The Be Developer's Guide from O'Reilly and Associates. Order it now from the Be Book Store.

The Be Headers
All of the currently shipping header files. The headers are downloadable for off-line reading, or in lovely html for on-line viewing.

Sample Code
The Sample code section lists projects available for download by category for easy access.

The Tutorials section contains step-by-step instructional articles on programming for the BeOS.

The Be Newsletter
"Engineering Insights" articles appear every week in the Be Newsletter. Written by Be engineers, these articles provide valuable insights into various aspects of the BeOS. If there's a topic you're interested in reading more about, submit your idea using the Newsletter Article Suggestion form.

BeDC Transcipts
Be Developer Conference Proceedings are made available as soon as possible after each conference. All sessions are transcribed, and usually include any source code presented.

Shell Tools
You can read or download HTML versions of UNIX-style "man" pages for bash (the Be shell), ve, and the many new GNU tools available in the BeOS.

Be User Guide
You can read or download the BeOS User's Guide in HTML or Adobe Acrobat format.  

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