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Welcome to the Be Developer Program

Due to the high demand to provide the best possible support to all BeOS developers, we have established three developer programs that offer a wide range of services and benefits, including technical and marketing support, and access to BeOS systems at special prices.

Our developers are partners in delivering a new level of personal computer performance and functionality; it is, of course, our developers' products that really bring the BeOS to life. The Be Developer Programs are all about serving our partners as well as possible.

The highlight of our fee-based programs is unlimited technical support from Be's Developer Technical Support group. We know that developers need access to technical support throughout the development process, and our new programs ensure highly responsive support.

Additionally, in the past our programs did not include development tools. We recently announced an agreement with Metrowerks and the acquisition of StarCode Software, which combined allow us to offer our developers a more complete suite of development tools, included with their program membership.

Finally, we recognize the importance of the contributions of student and hobbyist programmers, who might not be able to make the financial investment our fee-based programs entail. For this reason we continue to have a free program for enthusiasts and hobbyists.

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