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Co-Marketing Support

Be developer co-marketing support is based on three axes: communication, co-marketing, and exposure. Below, you'll find a list of the resources we offer in each of these areas.



Evangelist Team
A team of Be evangelists is available to you throughout the development of your product. Possessing a wide range of technical and marketing experience, the Be evangelists can provide you with the resources and information you need and connect you with other BeOS developers and your future customers. Be Insider News: Developer Edition
Registered Small Commercial and Corporate Developers will receive a newsletter called Be Insider News: Developer Edition (first Friday of the month) to keep them updated on the BeOS development (Roadmap), news about the latest Be strategy and deals, and other news and technical information that may not be ready for prime time.

Be Newsletter
A weekly electronic newsletter for Be developers and users, covering the latest about the BeOS. In it, you'll find technical information and tips from Be engineers, information about upcoming Be events, and a regular column by Jean-Louis Gassée.

Registered Developers are invited to place classified ads in the Newsletter, as well, to announce products, advertise services, or to place want ads.

Be Registered Developer Area
Information, tools, and technical support for registered Be developers. From here you can access your developer profile, enter bugs into the Bug database, upload and modify BeWare submissions, contact Be Evangelists, submit topics for the Be Newsletter, and submit Classified Ads to the Be Newsletter.

Be Mailing Lists
Be has established a set of Internet mailing lists that you can subscribe to in order to receive information about Be and the BeOS.



Approaching the Market Information Kit
What do you do once you're done coding? This document is available to all Be developers who want production and marketing tips once their application is ready to ship.

Be Bundling License Agreement
We realize that the ability to sell your software may be hampered if your potential customers are not yet running the BeOS. In our continuing effort to address this issue, we offer the Be Bundle and Distribution Agreement (BBDA), which allows you to bundle the BeOS with your software.

Note: Developers should contact Be Europe for information regarding Bundling and Distribution in Europe.



Be developers can list their own software application in BeWare, a web-searchable archive of freeware, shareware, and commercial BeOS software available to the general public.

Trade Shows and Conferences
Exposure and promotion are important! In 1998, Be will attend a number of trade shows and conferences to promote the BeOS and its third party developers. You can find more information about which shows we'll be attending in Developer Events.

Be Banner Ads
The weekly banner advertisement that appears in the side bar of every page of the Be web site. This space is set aside for registered Be Developers to advertise commercial applications they've produced for the BeOS. Be Banner advertising is a free service. Ads are scheduled on a weekly rotation, first-come, first-served.


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