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Approaching the Market: Updates

As you increase the functionality of your software and, yes it happens to the best of us, fix bugs, you'll want to make software updates available to your customer. Maintaining your software keeps your installed base satisfied and with no reason to search for any other solution. In addition, you'll find that supporting your software is easier when you keep moving your end users to the latest versions. There are two simple types of updates that we'll discuss.


Free Updates

These are updates that are distributed and applied at no cost to the end user. Of course, there are no 'rules' as to what constitutes a free upgrade, however these tend to include bug fixes and possibly small increases in functionality.


For Pay Updates

These updates to commercial software must be purchased. These type of updates typically include major feature enhancements along with bug fixes. This may be an update to the next major release/version of your software.


Delivering Updates

Delivering updates to your end users can be accomplished by many of the methods already discussed. If your registration process was successful, you may be able to encourage your installed base via email to get updates.

You can place your updates in many of the same places that you originally used to place your software. The BeSpecific web site, BeWare area, and BeDepot can all be used for distribution of updates. Software Valet, used in conjunction with BeDepot and Package Builder, can aid in the automatic distribution and installation of updates to your previous customers as well as collect any associated transaction fees for the updates.

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