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Be Bundle and Distribution Agreement (BBDA)

The Be Bundle & Distribution Agreement program gives qualified Be Software Developers the ability to license and distribute the BeOS with their software as a single package. All Be Registered Software Developers are eligible to participate in the BBDA program.

Note: For Information on Bundling and Distribution in Europe, Developers should contact Christophe Droulers at


What you get from Be
Those developers participating in the BBDA program will receive a golden master CD ROM containing the BeOS. From this CD, copies of the BeOS can be made by the developer to be distributed.

The BeOS may be distributed through a variety of media, so long as developers distribute it as a part of their software package. This includes:

  • Web Download
  • A BeOS CD bundled or packaged with the developer's software
  • the same CD as the developer's software, so long as the BeOS is resident on a separate and distinct partition on that media.

Be will provide support for those customers who obtain copies of the BeOS distibuted by the developer through the BBDA.

Marketing Guidelines
Be is currently in the process of establishing guidelines to ensure mutual protection of trademarks and to promote a consistency and uniformity of branding for Be and those software companies participating in the BBDA. These guidelines will affect the display the BeOS logo on the bundled product, the packaging and marketing of materials, and media releases (PR, PR events, advertising) from the developer.

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