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We know the BeOS is not yet perfect, and although we regret it, we expect that BeOS users may occasionally have problems. Please let us try to help you with the resources below. Thanks!

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Top Five Questions You've Been Asking

  1. What Intel-based systems can run the BeOS?
  2. When will BeOS Release 4 ship, and what are its major features?
  3. Other questions about the BeOS on Intel-based machines...
  4. Does the BeOS for PowerPC support the PowerPC 750 ("G3")?
  5. How do I get PPP working under the BeOS?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Be Answered!

Frequently asked questions and their answers, about Be, the BeOS, the BeBox, and more!

In-Depth Explanation


Be Guided!

Detailed documents with troubleshooting instructions or in-depth explanations.

Software Updates


Be Updated!

The latest software updates to the BeOS.

Be Documentation


Be's Written References

Be's user documentation, API and command line references are all available electronically.

Be Assistance Groups


Be Assisted!

Read all the FAQs and still need help? Submit a request to one of Be's Assistance groups.

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