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BeOS Probably Compatible List -- Intel
Intel Architecture Systems Probably Compatible With BeOS


Because Be is a small company, we don't have the resources to test every possible system or combination of systems and add-in cards, etc. We're working with partners to improve the testing done, but it's unlikely we'll ever be able to test everything.

But, just because the BeOS hasn't been tested on a particular system doesn't mean it won't run. This page lists the basic configuration details of many systems which customers have reported as working with the BeOS. We're making this information available to people seeking more information about BeOS hardware compatibility. Hopefully it will help you determine if your system is capable of running the BeOS, or assist you in determining what hardware to purchase.

The information on this page is not verified by Be, Inc. Be is not responsible for any purchase decisions made based on the information on this page.

You can find detailed information about officially supported Intel Architecture hardware on the BeOS Ready Systems -- Intel page.

This page was last updated on August 20, 1998.

Probably Compatible Systems
Vendor Model or Logicboard
Chipset / Processor @ Speed (#)
Graphics Card (type)
BIOS / RAM (type)
AST Bravo MS-T Pro 6200
Matrox Millennium 2 MB (PCI)
(BIOS) / 64 MB (EDO)
Compaq Deskpro 2000
/ Pentium @ 200Mhz (1)
Cirrus Logic 5436 (PCI)
Dell Dimension XPS P200s
Pentium @ 200 (1)
Matrox Millennium II 8mb (PCI)
(BIOS) / 64 MB (SDRAM)
FIC PA-2007
/ PentiumMMX @ 200Mhz (1)
Matrox Millennium 4 MB (PCI)
(BIOS) / 64 MB (EDO)
QDI QDI-P5I430TX-250 Titanium I
430TX / 6x86Mx @ 233 (1)
Cardex S3 ViRGE 2 MB (PCI)
(BIOS) / 64 MB (EDO)
QDI QDI-P5I430TX-250 Titanium IB+
430TX / AMD K6 @ 233 (1)
Cardex S3 ViRGE 2 MB (type)
(BIOS) / 64 MB (EDO)
Quantex M-3
Biostar 430TX / PentiumMMX @ 166 (1)
Matrox Mystique 220 (PCI)
(BIOS) / 96 MB (EDO)
Tyan S1592S Trinity ATX
VIA Apollo VP3 AGP / AMD K6 @ 300 (1)
Matrox Millennium 4 MB (PCI)
(BIOS) / 128 MB (SDRAM)

Key to the Columns

  • Vendor: The maker of the computer system or the logic board.
  • Model or Logicboard: The logicboard product designation, or the system model if it's a complete system.
  • Chipset: The core chipset the system is built around.
  • Processor @ Speed (#): The processor in the computer @ the megahertz the CPU(s) is running at (and how many processors are in the system).
  • Graphics card (type): The graphics card model (and the interface it's connected via, either PCI or AGP).
  • BIOS: The system BIOS flavor and version.
  • RAM (type): Amount of RAM in the system (and the kind of RAM, SDRAM, EDO, etc.).

    Report Your System!

    Do you have a system that's running the BeOS, which is not listed here? Please tell us about it! The more information you send the better; we can't list systems if the information is too incomplete. The information reported above is the basic information we need to get to call a system "probably compatible," but more information, such as your network connection, sound card, modem, etc. are all appreciated. Thanks!

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