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Be, Incorporated FAQ


This document answers questions regarding Be the company, employment at Be, our programs and philosophies, corporate and technical partnerships, etc.

This page was last updated on December 9, 1998.

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Questions Asked and Answered in this FAQ


  1. Why the name "Be" for your company? New!
  2. How can I buy stock in Be, Inc.?
  3. Is Be a profitable company?
  4. Who has invested money in Be? Updated! (12/9/98)
  5. How can I find a job at Be, Inc.?
  6. Does Be offer student internships?
  7. How can I buy a Be t-shirt?
  8. Do you have educational pricing discounts?


  9. Is Be working with Apple?
  10. Is Be working with Intel? Updated! (12/9/98)
  11. What is the deal between Be and Netscape?
  12. What is the deal between Be and NeoLogic?

    Web Site

  13. What hardware and software is your web site running on?
  14. Why don't you use the BeOS to serve your web site?
  15. What software do you use to create your web pages and manage the Be web site?
  16. Why is my connection to the Be web (or ftp) site so slow?

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