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BeOS for Power Mac
Hardware Requirements


Does the BeOS run on Apple's new "G3" Power Macs, which use the PowerPC 750 (or "G3") processor?

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BeOS for Power Mac:
Hardware Requirements
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No, the BeOS is not compatible with Apple's "G3" systems. We have requested from Apple the detailed technical specifications we would need to provide support for these systems, and Apple has declined our requests.

This information, concerning the design of the logicboard (including information about address spaces, custom logic chips, etc.), is available only from Apple. It is available only under non-disclosure, and only to "Mac OS licensees."

The necessary information is much more detailed than the "technical specs" information Apple puts on their web site. Trust us, we haven't "missed" something tucked in some corner of their site. Apple does not make this information public at all anymore, because there are no more Mac OS licensees.

Without this detailed technical information, it is impossible for us to support new Power Macintosh hardware from Apple.

<< What about systems sold in Europe or the Far East, like the 8200?  Can't you reverse engineer the necessary information, maybe from LinuxPPC?  >>

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