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Be FAQ Lists


Here are the answers to a number of the most common questions you've been asking about Be, the BeOS, the BeBox, the BeOS for Intel and Power Macintosh, the development environment, and other issues.

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Top Ten Questions You've Been Asking

  1. When will BeOS Release 4 ship, and what are it's major features?
  2. What Intel-based systems can run the BeOS?
  3. Here's my machine configuration, can I run the BeOS?
  4. Can the BeOS run my Windows applications?
  5. Other questions about the BeOS on Intel-based machines...
  6. Does the BeOS for PowerPC support the PowerPC 750 ("G3")?
  7. Is there a Free or Trial version of the BeOS?
  8. How do I get PPP working under the BeOS?
  9. How do I get the BeOS?
  10. How much does the BeOS cost?
  11. How much will upgrades to BeOS Release 4 cost?

The BeOS


Last updated December 9, 1998

FAQs and general information about the BeOS that are not tied to specific hardware.
See also the PPP Troubleshooting Guide.

BeOS for Intel


Last updated December 9, 1998

FAQs about the BeOS for Intel, to the extent that answers are known.
See also the BeOS Ready Systems -- Intel and some Example Intel Systems.

BeOS for PowerMac


Last updated November 11, 1998

FAQs about the BeOS for PowerMac CD, including hardware requirements and installation troubleshooting.
See also the BeOS Ready Systems -- PowerPC.

Developing for BeOS


Last updated December 9, 1998

FAQs about developing for the BeOS, including the Be Developer program, developer tools and docs, and BeOS internals details.
See also the Developer section of the Be web site.

The BeBox


Last updated November 6, 1998

FAQs about the BeBox hardware, including BeBox hardware details, and compatible cards and peripherals.

Be, Inc.


Last updated December 9, 1998

FAQs about our company, programs, employment, business partners, and web server.

Other Be Technical Guides

Third-Party FAQ Lists (not necessarily "Be Official")

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