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BeOS for Intel
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Can the BeOS for Intel Architecture run Windows programs?

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BeOS for Intel:
Usage & Interface
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The BeOS for Intel Architecture supports booting multiple operating systems on the same machine (as many people do today with Windows 98, Windows NT, Linux, etc.). So, when you need your Windows applications, you simply boot into Windows.

For use under the BeOS, the BeOS for Intel Architecture will run BeOS applications compiled for Intel processors. BeOS developers will simply re-compile their BeOS applications for Intel machines.

We do not currently have plans to provide a Windows compatibility solution inside the BeOS. However, a number of third parties have expressed interest in such a solution, including suggesting specific technologies. We're continuing to investigate, and would be delighted to work with and assist third parties interested in developing such a product.

You might be interested in reading about BOCHS, one of those solutions:


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