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Do I need another operating system to run the BeOS? That is, do I need Windows, or Linux, or another OS to use the BeOS on my PC?

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BeOS for Intel:
Usage & Interface
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No, you don't. It is quite easy to install the BeOS onto a system, without using any other operating system, and you can install the BeOS' boot manager to automatically boot into the BeOS. See the Be Newsletter article "Booting Variations For PC And LILO" for more details on boot loader configuration possibilities:


There are some restrictions if you only run the BeOS, though. The bundled partitioning utility, Partition Magic BeOS Edition, runs under DOS, so you'll need to be able to boot into DOS if you want to use it. (Of course, if you don't have any other operating systems, you probably don't need to partition your drive, in which case Partition Magic isn't necessary.) And you are stuck with Be's boot loader for your boot loader; it's nice, but not amazing. Neither of these are a big deal if you only want the BeOS on your system.

But frankly, we think most people will want more than one operating system on their BeOS systems. We're happy to give our customers the freedom to choose the configuration that makes the most sense for them.

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