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BeOS for Intel
Usage & Interface


Can the BeOS for Intel Architecture be able to mount FAT (DOS/Windows) or NTFS (Windows NT) file systems? Or other file systems, like Linux, OS/2, etc.?

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BeOS for Intel:
Usage & Interface
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The BeOS file system supports plug-in file system access, and plug-in file systems have already been written (by Be and third parties) for Macintosh HFS, ISO 9660 (a CD-ROM standard), NFS (Network File System) and FAT16/32 (DOS/Windows) file system access. Beta-level support for Linux's Ext2 file system is also available. Support for additional file systems, if not coming directly from Be, is likely to come from somewhere.

You can find third-party file system add-ons in BeWare, in the Add-Ons section:


In future releases of the BeOS, Be plans to provide in-box file system add-ons for NTFS file system access (Release 5).

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