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BeOS for Power Macintosh FAQ


This document answers questions regarding the BeOS which are specific to the Power Macintosh release of the BeOS.

This page was last updated on December 9, 1998.

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Questions Asked and Answered in this FAQ


  1. Is the BeOS running on top of the Mac OS?
  2. I have a Power Computing system, can I get the BeOS for free?
  3. Can I boot my Power Mac system to the BeOS without the Mac OS?
  4. How do you get around the Mac ROM?
  5. Will my Mac applications be able to run on the BeOS?
  6. Does BeOS software run on the BeBox and the Power Mac?

    Hardware Requirements

  7. What machines will BeOS for Power Mac support?
  8. Why doesn't the BeOS support other machines?
  9. Can we encourage you to support the 6100/7100/8100 machines?
  10. Seriously -- why can't you support NuBus machines?
  11. Will the BeOS ever support PCI-based 601 systems, like the 7200?
  12. What would happen if I installed the BeOS on a 601-based system?
  13. Is the BeOS compatible with a 7500 upgraded to a 604?
  14. Is the BeOS compatible with my processor upgrade card?
  15. Is the BeOS compatible with UMAX ASPD secondary processor cards? At different speeds?
  16. Is the BeOS compatible with TotalImpact Quad CPU cards?
  17. What about the Performa 5200/5300/6200/6300?
  18. What about the Performa 6360 and other "Alchemy" Macs?
  19. What about systems sold in Europe or the Far East, like the 8200?
  20. Does the BeOS run on Apple's new "G3" systems?
  21. Can't you reverse engineer the necessary information, maybe from LinuxPPC?
  22. Does this mean that Be is abandoning the PowerPC/Power Mac platform?
  23. So how long will Be support the PowerPC/Power Mac platform?
  24. Will the BeOS run on systems with PowerPC 750 ("G3") upgrade cards?
  25. What about the latest Power Macintosh models?
  26. How about PowerBooks or other Mac laptops?
  27. Will the BeOS ever support 680x0 Macs?
  28. How much RAM do I need to run the BeOS?
  29. How big a hard drive do I need for the BeOS?
  30. Can I install the BeOS onto a Zip/SyQuest/Jaz cartridge?
  31. Will the BeOS be supporting Adaptec SCSI cards?
  32. Does the BeOS support high-performance SCSI cards?
  33. Do you support the UMAX/SuperMac E100 card?
  34. Is the BeOS compatible with the Apple GeoPort modem?
  35. Is the BeOS compatible with the Apple Express Modem?
  36. Will BeOS for Power Mac support multi-button mice?
  37. What graphics cards does the BeOS for Power Macintosh support?
  38. Does the BeOS support multiple monitors?
  39. Does the BeOS support MIDI hardware on the Power Mac?


  40. What can I do today to prepare my Mac for the BeOS?
  41. Why does the BeOS not see the hard drive on my Power Center Pro?
  42. Can I install the BeOS onto the same hard drive as the Mac OS?
  43. How do I resize a hard drive partition?
  44. I re-partitioned my hard drive; where is my data?
  45. How do I convert a BeOS partition to a Mac OS partition in the BeOS?
  46. After installing, how to I start the BeOS?
  47. What causes a "PEF Memory" error when I boot the BeOS?
  48. Why doesn't my CD-ROM drive work anymore?
  49. Are some PCI cards incompatible with the BeOS?
  50. Are other hardware or peripherals incompatible with the BeOS?
  51. Why does my video look so bad when I boot the BeOS?
  52. Why does my video look so bad when I boot the BeOS #2?
  53. Why does my video look bad when I boot the BeOS #3?
  54. Why does my video look bad when I boot the BeOS #4?

    Usage and Interface

  55. How do I move files from the Mac OS to the BeOS?
  56. Does the BeOS recognize Mac OS Extended (aka "HFS+") volumes?
  57. Why does Pulse say my 8600/300 is a 100MHz system?
  58. Why doesn't my keyboard work?
  59. Why does the Mac OS keep trying to initialize my BeOS hard drive?

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