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BeOS for Power Mac


I don't have any PCI cards installed and I have less than 512 megs of RAM, but the BeOS still stops at the Be logo. Is there anything else that might be wrong?

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BeOS for Power Mac:
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In situations like this, we suggest that you "pare down" your Mac to the bare minimum hardware required to boot, with as much original equipment as you can find and use, i.e., stuff that came in the box with the CPU.

We have heard reports that suggest the BeOS may have difficulties with various peripherals and hardware, among them optical mice, the Visioneer Paper Port SCSI adapter, the Apple AudioVision 1710 monitor, and others. So taking everything out when having problems is a good idea.

If you have taken everything non-standard out or off of your Mac, and it is still freezing at the Be logo, we'd really like to know about it, so we can fix it. For that matter, we'd like to know about it if you find a specific piece of hardware that is problematic.

Please send us as much information about your configuration as possible, using our Customer Support Form.

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