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Be Customer Technical Support


Be's Customer Technical Support group can help you if you have technical questions regarding:

  • Installing the BeOS
  • Configuring the BeOS
  • Using the BeOS
  • Software or hardware compatibility
  • Diagnosing a problem with your BeBox

If your question deals with a different topic, check the Be Technical Support and Customer Service page to see if there is a more direct e-mail address for your question.

Although we welcome support requests sent to the e-mail address, you will get faster assistance if you use the form below to submit your request, because it allows us to collect more complete information in a standard way. Having this information is crucial to solving your problem, so the more quickly and completely we can get it, the more quickly and completely we can solve your problem.

Many common questions are answered in the Be FAQ Lists section of the web site. If you haven't checked there for the answer to your problem, you really should give it a try, as it's likely to be a lot faster than waiting for our response (15 minutes vs. hours or a few days).

Tell us about you

Please make sure your e-mail address is correct -- otherwise we can't get back to you with the answer to your question!

Enter your Full Name:

Enter your Email Address (required):

Choose your location (required):


For your convenience, you may submit your configuration information and problem description in English, French, or German.

Pour faciliter votre démarche, vous pouvez désormais nous envoyer les informations concernant votre configuration et les problèmes rencontrés, en anglais, français ou allemand.

Um Ihre Anfragen zu erleichtern, können Sie uns jetzt die Informationen über Ihre Konfiguration und die Problembeschreibung, auf Englisch, Französisch oder Deutsch zuschicken.


Tell us about your system

Many problems people have with the BeOS are the result of hardware or peripherals they have connected. Telling us about them helps us help you more quickly and more accurately.

Computer: (required)
Computer make/model:
Number of Processors:
Processor(s) Speed:
MHz (e.g., 180 MHz)
Processor Type:
"Glue" Chipset (Intel Arch. only):
BeOS Version: (required)
Other OS Version:
Memory (RAM):
BeOS Installed On:
Network Connection:
Other printer make/model:
Video Interface:
PCI card video (specify -->)
on-board video
Video card make/model:

Other PCI or ISA Cards:
(Also please note your processor card, if you upgraded it.)

Other IDE, SCSI, or FireWire Peripherals:
(please specify model where possible)

USB, PS/2, and ADB devices:
(keyboard and mouse if third-party, trackball or other device(s),
or if your keyboard/mouse is connected through your monitor)


Tell us about the problem

I checked the FAQ Lists but did not find my problem in that section of the web site.
I did not check the FAQ Lists section of the web site.

This problem happens:

Problem Subject (required): e.g., "PPP dials but never connects"

The most effective way to describe a technical problem to us, and the way that lets us help you the most quickly, is to tell us -- in as much detail as you can -- these things:

  • What you were doing
  • What happened
  • What you expected to have happen, and why
  • Anything else about your configuration that you think we should know, e.g., your modem type if you are having a PPP or modem problem
Problem Description (required):

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