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BeOS for Power Mac
Hardware Requirements


What about systems sold in Europe or the Far East, like the 8200 or the UMAX Aegis?

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BeOS for Power Mac:
Hardware Requirements
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A number of Macintosh hardware manufacturers, including Apple, create systems for non-US markets with different names than those we see here in the US. Sometimes the systems are identical to systems with other names sold in the US, while often they are unique to those markets.

In these cases, because we don't have easy access to such systems in order to test them, it is difficult for us to give a specific answer regarding whether we support it or not, why we don't support it, or whether we plan to add support in the future.

For example, from what we can tell, the Power Macintosh 8200/120 is sold only in Europe. When we checked there was little or no technical information available from Apple's Web site regarding this hardware. From various sources we've learned the 8200 seems to be based on the 7200, a 601-based PCI system, which we do not and will not support. So the same answer would apply to the 8200.

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