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BeOS for Power Mac
Hardware Requirements


I have a BeOS-ready Power Macintosh system, but I am thinking of upgrading the processor card. Is the BeOS compatible with Newer's MAXpowr and MAXpowr-MP processor upgrade cards? How about the DayStar nPower 360+ and 400+ cards? How about the XYZZY card?

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BeOS for Power Mac:
Hardware Requirements
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Given the number of different processor upgrade cards, we have been unable to test all of them in all possible combinations with different CPU models. Please remember, we are a very small company, with both limited financial and engineering resources!

In general, multi-processor cards which are based on DayStar's nPower technology should be compatible with the BeOS (assuming the card will run in your Mac at all, that is!). NewerTECH's MAXpowr-MP cards are based on this technology.

As we test various pieces of hardware, whether they are new CPU models or processor upgrade cards, we will add them to the BeOS Ready Systems list on our web site:


As always, we also encourage you to contact the hardware vendor with questions of BeOS compatibility. Customer demand is often what drives compatibility decisions. We will be happy to send BeOS CDs in response to requests from the engineering or testing departments of hardware manufacturers!

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