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BeOS for Power Mac
Hardware Requirements


How big a hard drive (or hard drive partition) do I need for the BeOS for Power Macintosh?

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BeOS for Power Mac:
Hardware Requirements
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130 megabytes is the recommended minimum size. This will allow you to install the base OS and the sample applications, and leaves room for ample "scratch" space required for virtual memory. The BeOS and its included applications and demos occupies about 50MB and the virtual memory default size is 80MB (it can be changed).

130 megabytes will not give you much room for third-party BeOS software, movie, audio, or other files, however. Since playing movies is something we do really well, we want you to have room for them on your hard drive! So, if you can give the BeOS 200 megs of HD space, you'll get the opportunity to really put us, and our third-party apps, to the test!

Finally, if you really must, you can install the BeOS onto a Zip cartridge (100 megs in size), but we don't recommend this for long-term use, just trial use.

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