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BeOS for Power Mac
Hardware Requirements


Will the BeOS run on systems with PowerPC 750 ("G3") upgrade cards? How about upgrading my 6100/7100/8100 with one of Newer's upgrade cards?

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BeOS for Power Mac:
Hardware Requirements
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The BeOS for PowerPC generally works with otherwise BeOS Ready Systems which have been upgraded with a PowerPC 750 processor card, but that is not an officially supported configuration.

The BeOS Preview Release (1 or 2) is not compatible with any system using a PowerPC 750 processor, whether built-in or added as an upgrade.

As for NuBus-based systems upgraded with PowerPC 750 cards from Newer, or any other card vendor, the systems remain NuBus-based, and will not be supported, regardless of the processor inside. The BeOS does not support NuBus-based systems, period.

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