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Does the BeOS recognize Mac OS Extended (aka "HFS+") volumes?

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BeOS for Power Mac:
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The BeOS does not correctly recognize or handle Mac OS disks formatted with the new Mac OS Extended (or "HFS+") disk format. Instead, it shows the HFS "wrapper" volume, which is essentially read-only, and contains a single text file that tells you to access the volume using Mac OS 8.1 or greater.

Be does not currently have a schedule for providing full support for Mac OS Extended partitions. Instead, we recommend you keep at least one ordinary HFS volume on your system for exchanging files with the BeOS.

WARNING: Be has done limited compatibility testing with Mac OS Extended volumes. Though we believe it unlikely, it is remotely possible that the changes in the Extended format could cause the BeOS to corrupt an Extended volume when accessing it. If you are using Mac OS 8.1, especially a beta version, Be recommends you do not mount your Mac OS Extended volumes in the BeOS.

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