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Developing for BeOS FAQ


This document answers questions regarding developing for the BeOS, including details of the Be Developers program, API documentation, and some BeOS internal details. For more answers about programming on the BeOS, be sure to visit the Developer Library.

This page was last updated on December 9, 1998.

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Questions Asked and Answered in this FAQ

    Be Developer Program

  1. Why should I want to write software for the BeOS?
  2. How do I join the Be Developer program?
  3. What does joining the Be Developer program get me?
  4. Does Be give registered developers discounts on hardware? Updated! (12/9/98)
  5. Is there a cost to join the Be developer program?
  6. What if I'm not accepted into the Be developer program?
  7. Do I need to be a registered Be developer to develop for the BeOS?
  8. Do I need to own a BeBox to be a registered Be developer?
  9. Do I need to own a BeBox to develop software for the BeOS?
  10. Is your support for developers good?

    Developer Tools

  11. How do developers get the latest release of the BeOS? Updated! (12/9/98)
  12. Why was my BeOS CD shipment delayed, or not received? Updated! (12/9/98)
  13. Does the BeOS include a compiler and development environment? Updated! (12/9/98)
  14. Is there a GUI builder for BeOS programmers? Updated! (12/9/98)
  15. What is the current BeOS development platform? Updated! (12/9/98)
  16. Does CodeWarrior for BeOS/PowerPC run on both BeBoxes and Power Macs?
  17. To develop for the BeOS, do I need to purchase CodeWarrior for BeOS and Macintosh?
  18. Is there a version of gcc for the BeOS? Updated! (12/9/98)
  19. Is there a way to develop for the BeOS on a PC? Updated! (12/9/98)
  20. Why did Be choose C++ as the development environment?
  21. Does the BeOS support development in Objective C?

    Developer Documentation

  22. Where can I find documentation on the BeOS APIs?
  23. Is there a BeOS programming tutorial?
  24. Where and when can I see your headers and libraries?
  25. Is it possible to buy the Be Book in paper format? Updated! (12/9/98)
  26. What animal does the O'Reilly & Associates Be Book have on the cover? Updated! (12/9/98)

    BeOS Technical Details

  27. Are task priorities easily modifiable?
  28. How does BeOS threading work?
  29. Can I set the ratio of CPU usage for tasks?
  30. Is there a way for a processor to be dedicated to a single task?
  31. What graphics language does the BeOS use?
  32. How fast can BMessages be sent between applications?
  33. How does the BeOS handle memory allocation and de-allocation?
  34. Can I use Berkeley sockets?
  35. How much of Berkeley sockets does the BeOS support?
  36. Is it possible to migrate message ports or processes?
  37. What is your segmentation scheme?
  38. Does the BeOS allow for a preemptable kernel and nested interrupts?
  39. How fast should I poll the mouse for position changes?
  40. Can I get source code for the mouse driver?
  41. Is it easy to write drivers for new hardware add-ons?

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