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What does it mean if I'm not accepted into the Be developer program? Does it mean that Be does not think I am worthy?

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No, not at all! Please don't think that!

A great many of the applications which we ultimately do not accept are rejected simply because the application was not filled out completely. It seems silly to write this, but filling out the application form correctly and completely makes a big difference in whether you will be accepted into the program or not! In general, the more detail you give, the better your chances of acceptance.

In other cases, a non-acceptance means we don't think a developer will actually get any utility out of the program, which is oriented towards developers who wish to bring a product to market in a timely manner.

There is very little that a registered Be developer has access to that a unregistered developer will not. You do not need to be a registered Be developer to write BeOS software! Check the answer to the next question for details.

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