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Why was my BeOS CD shipment delayed, or not received?

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First of all, please keep in mind that US postal mail takes time to be delivered, especially internationally. Even Federal Express takes a few days to ship internationally.

Second, the number one cause of delivery problems is either out-of-date address information, or not being in our database at all.

If you are a registered Be developer and you want to make sure your copies of the BeOS, including future releases, make their way to your mailbox in a timely fashion -- especially if there were delivery problems with a previous release -- be sure to give your developer record a look to make sure it really is up-to-date:


If you are a BeBox owner and you experienced delivery problems, make sure your developer record is up-to-date (if you have one), and send custservice@be.com your current shipping address and BeBox serial number, so we can make sure our ownership records are accurate.

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