Be Developers:
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Be User Documentation
You can now read the Release 3 edition of BeOS User's Guide. The BeOS User's Guide was last updated in February, 1998.


The Be Book
The Be Book is the reference to the Be API. Visit The Be Book page to read The Be Book on line or to download an HTML archive you can read or print on your computer. The on-line version of The Be Book was last updated occured on January 5, 1999 and is more current than the version shipped with the Release 4 CD.


Release 3 Release Notes
The Release 3 Release Notes document provided here is more up-to-date than that included on the Release 3 CD. Also included is a Development Layout for Release 3 for Intel. Both documents are geared more toward developers than users, but the advanced user will find interesting tidbits of information buried among the source code and library descriptions. These documents were last updated on June 20, 1998.


Be Shell Tools
You can read or download HTML versions of UNIX-style "man" pages for bash (the Be shell), ve, and the many GNU tools available in the BeOS.


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