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The BeOS Tip Server is still the largest collection of BeOS tips on the web. But now it is pure BeOS, from the moment of creation to the moment it's viewed on your screen.

How is it done? Using TrackerBase, perl for BeOS, the BFS perl module and the Robin Hood web server, a BeOS machine dynamically generates tip pages based on Be file attributes and serves it to your web browser.

Of course, you'll still find over 300 tips for getting the most out of the BeOS, including:

While you're there, why not submit a tip of your own and show off your special brand of BeOS-related genius. BeOS users everywhere will thank you.

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Icon World

In the guise of presenting an icon and telling its story, we'll be telling you about the different components of the BeOS. Learn all about the different pieces of software that make up the innovative and powerful operating system, and tie that to the icons you see every day on your BeOS system.

This week's icon: The ScreenSaver Icon

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