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The BeOS

Technical White Paper
The Media OS
The needs of digital content design, not to mention physics and economics, are coming into conflict with current OS architectures. A new definition, the Media OS, can unlock the door to more powerful media-based personal systems, and extract more performance from the systems we are using today.


Product Datasheet
The Be Operating System
As the Internet spreads, and as electronic media becomes more prevalent, the high-performance needs of digital content design and the complex, aging architectures of current mainstream operating systems are coming into conflict. The BeOS is the first new operating system designed to unlock the door to much more powerful personal computers, and extract more performance from the systems we use today.


Tour of the BeOS
Take a web-based tour of the BeOS, including desktop features, networking capabilities, applications and more.

What's on the BeOS CD?
We've provided an outline of the bundled applications, tools, and third-party applications included on the BeOS CD.


Be Compatible Hardware
Be Ready Systems
The BeOS runs on a wide variety of Intel Pentium (and compatible) and PowerPC based personal computers, workstations, and servers, with new BeOS Ready systems being introduced each month. These pages list compatible systems.


Getting your Hands on the BeOS
BeOS Now!
The latest on how to obtain the BeOS.





BeOS Development Software


BeWare Development Software
Development Tools
BeOS Compatible Development Tools, Class Libraries and other development software can be found in the BeWare pages.


BeOS Compatible Software

Be Compatible Software
BeWare Software
Information on commercial, shareware and freeware software that's compatible with the BeOS can be found on the BeWare pages.


Other Product Related Information

Frequently Asked Qs & As
Answers to most commonly asked questions about the Be system

Be T-shirts
We sell Be t-shirts too! Available in black and white.

Be Icons and Windows
Software to make your Mac look like it's running the BeOS.

Be Newsletter
Latest issue of the Be electronic newsletter, and newsletter archive

BeBox DataSheet and BeBox Technical Specifications
Reference materials for the BeBox personal computer

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