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What's on the CD
BeOS Release 4


This document provides nearly complete listing of all of the important or interesting packages which are included on the CD for the latest release of the BeOS. This is not a complete file list, but rather a listing of the major items of interest.

Except where otherwise noted, the contents of the BeOS CD are identical on the Intel and PowerPC platforms.

This list is current for the BeOS Release 4, as of December 9, 1998.

Quick links to sections on this page:

> BeOS Partition
> Windows Partition
> Mac OS Partition

Links to other useful BeOS information:

> What's New in the BeOS
> BeOS Release 4 release notes
> BeOS Ready Systems


BeOS Partition Contents

  • BeOS Operating System (/beos/system/*)

  • BeOS standard GUI applications (/beos/apps/*):

    BeMail (e-mail client), CDPlayer (audio CD player), Clock, DiskProbe (raw file and disk editor), Expander (GUI for decompressing and unarchiving files), Installer, Magnify (magnifies screen), Midi (MIDI player), MiniPlayer (simple audio CD player), NetPositive (web browser), People (simple contact manager), PlaySound (sound player), PoorMan (personal web server), Pulse (performance meter), SCSIProbe (SCSI bus viewer), SerialConnect (serial communications program), ShowImage (graphics viewer), SimpleMidi (simple MIDI player), StyledEdit (text editor), Terminal (command line interface)

  • BeOS preferences applications (/beos/preferences/*):

    Audio, Backgrounds, Boot, DataTranslations, Devices, DialUpNetworking, DriveSetup, E-Mail, FileTypes, Fonts, Japanese, Joysticks, Keyboard, Keymap, Menu, Mouse, Network, Printers, Screen, ScrollBar, Sounds, Time, Video, VirtualMemory, Workspaces

  • BeOS demonstration applications (/demos/*):

    3dmov, BeBounce, BeLogo, Calah (game), Chart, Container, Flight, FontDemo, GLTeapot, Kaleidoscope, Mandelbrot, Minesweeper (game), SoftwareValet (software package management solution)

  • BeOS command line tools (/beos/bin/* and, on Intel, /develop/tools/gnupro/bin/*):

    [, a2ps, addattr, addr2line (Intel only), alert, ali, ar, as (Intel only), asdbg, awk, basename, bc, beep,, bison, bootman (Intel only), c++, c++filt (Intel only), cal, cat, catattr, cc, chgrp, chmod, chop, chown, ci, cksum, clear, clockconfig, cmp, co, comm, compress, copyattr, copyres, cp, craw, csplit, ctags, cut, date, db, dc, dd, debug_glue, df, dhcp_client, diff, diff3, dirname, disktest, du, dumppt (Intel only), echo, egrep, eject, env, expand, expr, false, feedback, ffm, fgrep, find, finger, flex, flex++, fmt, fold, fortune, fsh, ftp, ftpd, funzip, g++ (Intel only), gasp (Intel only), gawk, gcc (Intel only), gcov (Intel only), getty, grep, groups, gperf (Intel only), gunzip, gzexe, gzip, hd, head, id, ident, igawk, install, installbootsector (Intel only), iroster, isvolume, join, keymap, kill, ld, less, lesskey, listarea, listattr, listimage, listport, listres, listsem, ln, locate, logger, login, logname, ls, lsindex, m4, mail, mail_parser, make, makebootable (Intel only), mattrib, mcd, mcopy, md5sum, mdel, mdir, merge, mformat, mimeset, mkbfs, mkdir, mkdos, mkindex, mkmanifest, mlabel, mmd, more, mount, mountvolume, mrd, mread, mren, mtype, mv, mwbres (Intel only), mwrite, netstat, nl, nm (Intel only), objcopy (Intel only), objdump (Intel only), od, parrot, paste, pathchk, pc, pefdump (PPC only), ping, play, poke, pr, print, printenv, printf, prio, profile, protoize (Intel only), ps, pwd, query, ranlib, rcs, rcsclean, rcsdiff, rcsmerge, readelf (Intel only), release, rescan, rlog, rm, rmattr, rmdir, rmindex, roster, safemode, screentoppm, sdiff, sed, settype, setversion, sh, shar, shutdown, size (Intel only), sleep, sort, split, strings, strip (Intel only), stripres, stty, sum, sync, sysinfo, tac, tail, tar, tee, telnet, telnetd, test, top, touch, tput, tr, translate, true, tty, uname, unchop, unexpand, uniq, unmount, unprotoize (Intel only), unshar, unzip, unzipsfx, updatedb, updatetype, uudecode, uuencode, vdir, ve, vi, view, vim, waitfor, wc, writembr (Intel only), xargs, xres, xtou, yes, zcat, zcmp, zdiff, zforce, zgrep, zipgrep, zipinfo, zmore, znew

  • BeOS documentation (/beos/documentation/*):

    Welcome and ReadMeFirst documents, release notes, the BeOS User's Guide, the Be Book (programmer's reference), command line tools docs, product info, press / company info, resource references, etc.

  • BeOS development tools (/apps/Metrowerks/* and /develop/*):

    BeIDE (integrated development environment), documentation, and project stationary; headers, libraries, and object files for BeOS, POSIX, and C++ development; gnupro C and C++ development toolchain (Intel only): gcc, other gnu tools, headers, libraries, includes, docs, etc.; Metrowerks CodeWarrior development toolchain (PowerPC only); etc.

  • BeOS miscellaneous components (/beos/etc/*):

    PPP configuration and initialization files, network hosts file (for running without DNS), GLTeapot data, joysticks and printer data, timezone data, default system sounds and fonts, MIDI synth data, etc.

  • BeOS optional items (/optional/*):

    • /experimental -- additional hardware drivers, boot menu tools, etc.
    • /gnu -- source code for GNU tools used in the BeOS
    • /goodies -- raw reference sources
    • /images -- various sample image files
    • /midi -- various sample MIDI files
    • /movies -- various movie files
    • /obsolete -- obsolete drivers
    • /sample-code -- sample code for BeOS applications
    • /sound -- various sound files
    • /xmaps -- debugging symbol files


Windows Partition Contents

  • Partition Magic BeOS Edition (an easy-to-use hard disk partitioning tool), and auto-run files for same

  • Tools to boot the BeOS from Windows 95 and Windows NT


Mac OS Partition Contents

  • Installation instructions

  • BeOS boot software: BeOS Launcher application and OS Chooser extension

  • TTConverter, a TrueType font format conversion tool


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