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The BeOS Virtual Tour

BeOS Release 3

Welcome to the BeOS Screenshot Tour. It's impossible to pack the power, versatility, grace and beauty of the BeOS into a few words and pictures, but this tour will at least give you the slightest taste of the BeOS.

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Screen 1:
Welcome to the BeOS

Begin here

Screen 2:
Under the Hood

What makes the BeOS tick?

Screen 3:
The Media OS

Showing off with audio and video

Screen 4:
Connecting to the Internet

Client-side networking tools for the BeOS

Screen 5:
Connecting to the Internet, Part II

Server-side networking tools for the BeOS

Screen 6:

Customizing your desktop via embedded applications

Screen 7:
Extendable Attributes

Advanced querying and databases

Screen 8:

Using multiple color-depths and resolutions

Screen 9:
Words, Pictures and Other Data

Word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheets, presentations and more

Screen 10:
Programming the BeOS

The joy of object oriented APIs

Screen 11:

Making the transition to the BeOS

Screen 12:
Games and Cool Stuff

Unleash the power of the BeOS and have fun

What's New in R4?
Screen 13:
Application and Screen Switching

Switching between applications and workspaces

Screen 14:
Improved Networking

PPP and Network are revamped

Screen 15:
More Preferences

Devices, Sounds, Video, and Joysticks make their debut

Screen 16:
Input Method Bundled

Multi-byte character input enabled

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