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Note: Be no longer manufactures BeBoxes; this information is provided for reference purposes only. See our hardware strategy clarification for more information.
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The BeBox Dual603

BeBox Dual603-66
BeBox Dual603-133

Bring the power of multiple processors to every personal computer user. Design for the applications of the next decade, not the last decade. Build the future into the product.

These are the design principles behind the BeBox personal computer. Designed around cutting-edge hardware and software concepts, it's a system that delivers a new level of price-performance and allows individuals to do things that are too difficult and time-consuming using today's architectures. It is a personal computer designed to meet the demands of applications in digital video, digital audio, image processing, 3-D, and communications.

The BeBox integrates two RISC-based PowerPC 603 processors. The system uses industry-standard 72-pin memory modules, and supports up to 256 megabytes of main memory.

The heart of the BeBox is the Be(tm) Operating System (BeOS(tm)), a new software system designed for the applications of the next decade -- applications that involve extensive real-time audio and video media, complex 2-D and 3-D graphics, and intensive communications. While retaining compatibility with data and network standards in use today, the BeOS jettisons many of the assumptions

inherent in older OS architectures to achieve a new level of performance and a significantly simplified programming model.

The BeBox contains a wealth of built-in media and I/O capabilities. Beyond the integrated CD-ROM drive, the BeBox has two separate MIDI music channels, a 16-bit stereo sound system, three infrared control ports, and two joystick control ports. In addition, there are standard connectors for SCSI and parallel port devices, four high-speed serial connectors (for modems and other communications devices), and standard keyboard and mouse connectors.

The BeBox is highly expandable and customizable. With three PCI expansion card slots and five ISA card slots, the BeBox is open to a world of standard PC card options for graphics, video, Ethernet networking, and more. Internet TCP/IP capabilities, including World-Wide Web, e-mail, and file-transfer are built-in.

For personal computer users involved in digital design, from print ads to web sites to digital video and audio, who need more power than today's platforms can deliver -- and for developers who are building cutting-edge software -- the BeBox represents a new level of performance to meet the demands of tomorrow.

BeBox Dual603


  Features Details


Two RISC-based PowerPC 603 or 603e microprocessors, running at 66 MHz or 133 MHz (depending on BeBox model)


Each processor has fixed-point, floating-point, and load-store units

Each processor has separate data and instruction caches, 8K or 16k in size depending upon BeBox model.

Integrated memory-management unit

Memory Up to 256 MB of RAM

Supports up to 8 72-pin SIMMs

SIMMs can be mixed-and-matched in pairs


Floppy Drive: PC standard 1.44 MB 3.5" drive

Hard Disk Drives: Supports internal IDE drives and internal or external SCSI drives

CD-ROM Drives: Supports internal or external SCSI drives

Removable Media: Supports internal or external SCSI drives, such as Zip, Jaz, and Syquest drives

Internal connector and exposed drive bay is provided for one floppy drive

Internal IDE and SCSI connectors are provided. Up to 7 SCSI devices are supported

External 50-pin SCSI II connector allows connection of external drives

4 internal drive bays: 2 exposed 5.25" half-height drive bays (can be used as a single full-height bay) and 2 non-exposed 3.5" half-height bays


Display resolutions from 640x480 to 1600x1200, adjustable on the fly

Display refresh rates from 56 Hz to 90 Hz, depending on resolution, adjustable on the fly

Color depths from 8 to 32 bits (256 to 16.7 million colors with an alpha channel), adjustable on the fly

Supports a wide range of PCI-based PC graphics controllers

Hardware acceleration and other graphics features can be provided through modular software drivers

A multisync monitor is highly recommended in order to make the most of the graphics features

Media and I/O

16-bit stereo sound system

Dual MIDI channels

Joystick support

Infrared controller support

High-speed serial ports


SCSI connector

Parallel connector

Standard PC keyboard connector

Standard serial and PS/2 mouse connectors

Stereo sound system includes RCA line-in and line-out jacks and 3.5 mm stereo microphone and headphone jacks

Two sets of independent MIDI input-output ports (four ports total)

Two high-resolution joystick ports supporting up to four joysticks

3 independent infrared controller ports each support connection of an IR receiver or an IR transducer

4 RS-232 serial ports controlled by 16550 UARTs

The GeekPort supports general I/O with analog/digital and digital/analog capabilities

External 50-pin SCSI II connector

Standard PC parallel port for support of local printers and other devices


Integrated TCP/IP Internet support

Industry-Standard Ethernet support

Serial modem support

Supports industry-standard ISA and PCI Ethernet cards, such as NE2000, 3Com 3C503, and compatibles

Support for modems is provided via integrated serial ports, and includes Internet PPP support


3 Internal full-length PCI card slots

5 Internal full-length ISA card slots


Each of the eight PCI and ISA slots is exposed to the back of the unit and does not overlap with other slots

Internal PCI bus operates at 33 MHz

Electrical and Operating Requirements

100 - 240 volt AC single-phase line voltage

50 or 60 Hz frequency

110 - 220 volt switchable power supply

240 W maximum power draw

Switched power convenience outlet


Operating: 50 - 105 F (10 - 40 C)

Storage: -40 - 116 F (-40 - 47 C)

Humidity: 5 - 95 percent noncondensing

Maximum altitude: 10,000 ft (3,050 m)


Height: 15.68 in (39.8 cm)

Width: 8.28 in (21.0 cm)

Depth: 18.15 in (46.1 cm)


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