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BeOS User Resources


Resources for BeOS Users, including registration, technical assistance, contact information, and ways you can talk with other users.

[Info] BeOS Information
If you're wondering who Be is or what our product, the BeOS, is, this document will guide you to material that should answer your questions. You can get the 20,000 feet view or the 1 foot view, or something in between. Pick and choose the level of information right for you!


[BUGs] Be User Groups
Find out if there is a Be User Group (BUG) in your area, and learn about how you can spend time with other BeOS users, learning about the latest software, etc.


[Tips] BeOS Tip of the Week
To help you make the most of your BeOS system, we're writing a helpful Tip each week. Stop by every Thursday and check it out!


[Icons] BeOS IconWorld
Learn more about the pieces of the BeOS, by learning about the icons you see in the BeOS! Each week on Tuesday, we'll show you a new icon, and tell you about the BeOS system software to which it belongs. Follow along, and learn about all the components of the BeOS!


[Reg.] BeOS Registered User Area
For people who purchase the BeOS Full Package, this section allows you to register your software, update your shipping address information, e-mail preferences, and the like. Keep your information current to receive information about updates and special offers.


[Dope] BeDope
Sometimes what you want is a good laugh. This site does the trick. Consistently positive and funny, here at Be we're all BeDope fans. Give yourself a break, a good laugh, -- and find out who at Be programs naked. Get the latest Dope!


[Support] More Questions: BeOS Support
The Support section of the web site describes the latest BeOS updates and provides answers to the vast majority of the questions people have about Be and the BeOS. Links to our Customer Support and Customer Service e-mail addresses are also in the Support section.


[BeWare] BeWare: BeOS Software
BeWare is the definitive catalog of BeOS freeware, shareware, and commercial software. Make the most of your BeOS system, by getting the software you need to be more productive. The catalog is divided into sections with detailed descriptions of each software package, or you can view more compact lists of the Latest BeWare and All BeWare.


More Information: Other Be Resources

  • The Be Newsletter
    Be puts out a newsletter every week, with articles from engineers and marketing folks in the company, and a weekly column by Jean-Louis Gassée. For those interested in our company history, the issues go back to December 1995.

  • Be Electronic Mailing Lists
    Be maintains a number of Internet mailing lists which can be interesting to BeOS users. In particular, BeUserGroup is a discussion list for BeOS users, and BeInfo is a great way to keep your finger on Be's pulse.

  • Be-related WWW Links
    Besides the tremendous amount of information on the Be web site, many of our developers and users have created sites which are extremely valuable. Some of them even scoop Be!

  • Be Newsgroups
    A number of Usenet newsgroups cover topics of interest to BeOS users, including,,,, and Or, if you speak a language other than English, these groups may be more useful:

  • Other Be Contact Information
    If you need to know more, or have a question, or otherwise need to contact us, here's some more information about how to reach us. Note that these contact points are different from who you should go to with customer service or support questions.


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