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Be-Related Web Sites

There are Be-related web sites springing up all over the world. Many of our Be User Groups have web sites too--check out the Be User Group page for details on which BUGs are out there. If you know of other Be-related web sites not listed here, send them to the webmaster and we'll add them to the list.


Sites in English

BeOS Central
Daily info & thoughts on BeOS topics.

Daily news & tips for BeOS users, with lots of links to other Be-related sites.

Be News
A straightforward and user-friendly site with news and sections on editorials, features, announcements, and of course, polls.

OS User:BeOS (aka BeHive)
ZDNet's dedicated Be center, gathering news and reviews on all things Be from the Ziff-Davis publications family. Featuring BeOS Journal, product reviews and more.

The BeOS Tip Server
Shortcuts, tricks, tips and secrets for BeOS users. Need a tip? Take a tip. Have a tip? Leave a tip.

A goldmine of technical articles and information for Be developers.

Be Dope
A camp look at Be, the BeOS, and current events. Includes original interviews and files. The first Be "portal" site for all things BeOS-related. Lots of fun.

BeOS Message Board
Got something on your mind? Is it about the BeOS? Speak your mind and get imput from other users and developers in the BeOS community.

le Buzz
A website dedicated to the latest buzz on BeOS pro audio, including news about new hardware, software, drivers, tips, tricks, interviews, and more.

Developer Depot
A partial list of Be developers with their applications.

News, reviews and freeware for the BeOS.

Let it ... Be
Light news and information as well as interactive chat and feedback. Newsgroup support through our own dedicated server is upcoming.

The "Be Specific" Page
Lots of information for Be developers, including discussion, links to other Be sites on the web, collections of information from the comp.sys.be newsgroup hierarchy and other sources.

As the name implies, this site is devoted to Be games. They maintain an up-to-date list of available games, news, and reviews, and rate games on a five star matrix for ease of use, challenge, stability, graphics & sound, and overall score.

An independent archive of BeOS software.

Plan Be
European BeOS Fan Site with lots of links to European BeOS news and information.

Comprehensive site in French and English, with news, rumours, links, references and more.

Time to Be
A Danish Be fan site with links to other Be-related sites

Sites in Japanese

Plat'Home Co. Ltd., the web-based Be distributor in Japan.

SI Electronics Ltd.
SI Electronics is one of our distributors in Japan; they're focusing on game developers.

Be++ is a good BeOS programming site, entirely in Japanese.

Japan: BeBox!!. (In Japanese)
A Be-related web site in Japan.

Sites in French

Comprehensive site in French and English, with news, rumours, links, references and more.

Le site des Be-otiens
News, events, downloads ( coming soon ) and tests.

Sites in Spanish

Be different
La primera Web en Español sobre BeOS

Be Spanish
Desde esta pagina quiero animar a todos los usuarios a probar este Sistema Operativo del futuro.

BeOS con Grifix
Esta pagina esta dedicada al maravilloso mundo que gira alrededor de Beos. Si no sabes lo que es el Beos no dudes en pinchar aquí para aprender.

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