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A Guide to BeOS System Objects


This section of the Be web site is dedicated to icons! In the guise of presenting an icon and telling its story, we'll be telling you about the different components of the BeOS. Learn all about the different pieces of software that make up this innovative and powerful operating system, and tie that book learning to the icons you see every day on your BeOS system.


Latest IconWorld Story

The ScreenSaver Icon
Location in the BeOS:

This Week's IconHas your Screen been Saved?

[INTERIOR:DAY Television studio of a local access cable station. Two weathered but fashionable chairs sit on opposite sides of an glass-top coffee table that has seen better days. Camera, lighting and sound cables snake in and out of a bank of computers running the BeOS.]

[F/X: Icon World intro theme music]

[F/X: Applause]

[Fade up houselights to reveal weathered but fashionable host Trent Bafflegaff sitting with this week's guest]

TRENT: Welcome to Icon World, where Icons come alive. Here with me this week is ... hey, wake up! We're on the air!

ScreenSaver: I'm wide awake Trent.

TRENT: Oh sorry, those "Z"s above your head confused me.

ScreenSaver: Heh heh, that gets them every time.

TRENT: Anyway, we're here with Blanket who ...

ScreenSaver: Excuse me, that's "ScreenSaver".

TRENT: What?

ScreenSaver: I've legally changed my name to ScreenSaver.

TRENT: When did this happen?

ScreenSaver: When I gave up my third-party status and became an official part of the BeOS, starting with the Genki release.

TRENT: So you now reside in the Preferences folder.

ScreenSaver: That's correct.

TRENT: Yet I notice you still wear a blanket over your head.

ScreenSaver: My agent says I should keep it - that it's part of "my look."

TRENT: Whatever your name is, let's talk about your job: saving screens by preventing phosphor burn-in. You see, when a monitor presents an image...

ScreenSaver: Actually Trent, I don't do much of that anymore. Unlike older monitors, today's monitors are highly resistant to phosphor burn-in. "Saver" is sort of an honorary title these days.

TRENT: But I had this great little lesson prepared!

ScreenSaver: I'm sorry to hear that.

TRENT: Argh! So what do you do then?

ScreenSaver: Well, like most ScreenSavers, you can set me to run after a set number of minutes or based on mouse position. Plus, there are many modules available, so you can customize me to your liking.

TRENT: So you're just eye-candy?

ScreenSaver: Useful eye-candy, if you please.

TRENT: How so?

ScreenSaver: Well, not only do I hide possibly sensitive work (or games) from casually prying eyes, but you can add a password lock if you like and guard against habitually prying fingers.

TRENT: So then I have to remember another password?

ScreenSaver: You may use your existing network password if you choose.

TRENT: Whew, what a relief. My brain is already full!

ScreenSaver: Yes, I can see that.

TRENT: Thanks! I think...

ScreenSaver: Thank you as well. This has been quite entertaining.

TRENT: See you next time on Icon World. And if you want to know about phosphor burn-in, I have a great lesson prepared! Oops, we're out of time for today.

[F/X: Icon World exit theme music]

[Fade lights]

[Roll credits]

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