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A Guide to BeOS System Objects


Pulse Icon

The Pulse Icon
Location in the BeOS:

Pulse monitors the BeOS' heartbeat

Much like a human's pulse, Pulse lets you see if the BeOS is working at a walking, jogging or sprinting pace.

Pulse displays a status bar for each of your CPUs. As usage increases, the bar lights up from gray to green.

Use Pulse to find out how much a certain program uses CPU resources, or just how many movies and games you can launch at the same time before your CPU(s) are "pegged". Then, launch a few more just to keep it interesting.

If you have more than one CPU, you can "turn off" a CPU from here. Max out both your CPUs, then amaze your friends by shutting off one of the CPUs! What happens if you were to turn off all your CPUs? Exactly what you think would happen. So don't bother trying!

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