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A Guide to BeOS System Objects



The Camera Icon
Location in the BeOS:

[INTERIOR:DAY Television studio of a local access cable station. Two weathered but fashionable chairs sit on opposite sides of an glass-top coffee table that has seen better days. Camera, lighting and sound cables snake in and out of a bank of computers running the BeOS.]

[F/X: Icon World intro theme music]

[F/X: Applause]

[Fade up houselights to reveal weathered but fashionable host Trent Bafflegaff sitting with this week's guest]

TRENT: Welcome to Icon World! I'm your host, Trent Bafflegaff. Today we welcome Camera to the program. Thanks for being on the show Camera.

Camera: My pleasure.

TRENT: Now don't take this personally, but I was quite surprised to find you among the other Applications.

Camera: Oh?

TRENT: Well, sure. I mean, the BeOS is great and all, but do I really want to drag an entire computer around just to take pictures?

Camera: Ummm, Trent...

TRENT: [interrupting] No offense to Be, but I've got a camera that fits in my pocket already. The engineers should spend their time elsewhere.

Camera: Trent, I don't actually take pictures.

TRENT: Yet you claim to be "Camera"...perhaps you should be called "Liar" instead.

Camera: Perhaps you should spend more than five minutes doing research, and then you would know that I let users connect the BeOS to digital cameras.

TRENT: [holding up a digital camera] What, like this one right here?

Camera: Why yes! Go ahead and plug that in.

TRENT: [attaching the Camera] I was getting tired of looking at the pictures on that tiny preview screen. This is great!

Camera: So, now we can preview your pictures. [scrolling down] I see they are all pictures of yourself.

TRENT: Yes. It's all for my fans of course. Can you now improve the pictures?

Camera: I'm not a miracle worker.

TRENT: Then what else do you do?

Camera: I can save selected images to disk. Then they're ready to use with other BeOS programs.

TRENT: Can you do anything else?

Camera: Would you like me to show you?

TRENT: That's why we're here right?

Camera: I can also delete images, freeing up the camera's storage space.

TRENT: Hey, all my pictures are gone!

Camera: Sorry, it was for the good of the public.

TRENT: At least now I can take more pictures.

Camera: Try something more scenic next time.

TRENT: Such as?

Camera: The town dump comes to mind.

TRENT: Hey yeah! Wait...

Camera: [Hurriedly leaving the set] Well, gotta go!

TRENT: We're out of time and I'm just about out of patience, so let's call it a show. Thanks for watching and tune in again next time, when my guest will be...[flipping through notes] ...ummm someone fascinating no doubt.

[F/X: Icon World exit theme music]

[Fade lights]

[Roll credits]

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