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A Guide to BeOS System Objects



The Tracker Icon
Location in the BeOS: /beos/system/Tracker

The faithful Tracker is the most frequently used application in the BeOS. Everyone loves the Tracker.


The main function of the Tracker is to provide multiple ways to access and organize the data stored on your system. In this respect, the Tracker could be compared to the Finder on the Mac OS or the Program Manager on Windows.

For quick and easy navigation of the file hierarchy, the Tracker uses a graphic interface displaying files and folders inside of windows. The Tracker also provides several utilities that allow you to access information about the files on your system and organize them. Some of the more useful tools are Open, which opens files and folders, Get Info, which retrieves key information about files or folders, Create Link, which creates a symbolic link to the file in a specified directory, and Copy to, which makes a copy of the file in a specified directory.

One of the most powerful tools in the Tracker is Find, which enables you to conduct complex searches through the files on your system based on criteria that you set yourself.

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